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Find a therapist counsellor in London

Find a therapist counsellor in LondonIf you try to find a therapist counsellor in London, Connecting Services can help you on that journey. When it comes to seeking help, you need to put your mental health in the right person's hands. A professional therapist counsellor in London can help you reach your goals and feel more empowered. Even if you don't experience any significant mental issue, therapy can help you feel better and think in a more conscious way. When you decide to take the first step in your counselling journey that is already a good start. It takes a lot of courage to understand that real change needs to come into your life. Find a therapist in London who provides a safe environment for you to open up and explain your problems and worries. You need to be able to discuss your issues and fears freely and without judgement. Thus, a warm and person centered style is beneficial for your sessions.

find a therapist in LondonTypes of therapy and counselling we offer

Therapy and counselling aims to focus on your cognitive behaviour and introduce interactive and developmental solutions to your problems. Connecting Services offers a range of mental health professionals at the lowest rates per session. Whether you are looking to reduce symptoms of mental illness or improve your cognitive and emotional skills we are always here to help. We offer various types of therapy and counselling in London so that we can help you cope with different life challenges. Some of the issues being addressed include: hire a therapist counsellor in London
  • infertility
  • self-esteem
  • depression
  • trauma
  • anxiety
  • career challenges
  • parenting
  • life changes
  • attachment problems
  • divorce

find a counsellor near youCounsellor

A counsellor typically offers short-term sessions that focus on implementing potential solutions to a current problem. The process focuses on the present rather than the past. People usually visit a counselor to seek help in solving a problem. They often do not feel comfortable discussing this problem with family or friends so they choose to see an expert.


find a therapist onlineA therapist can help you find the root and the cause of your problem. Therapy is a medium to long term process that focuses on long-standing attitudes, thoughts, behaviours and feelings. It aims to treat the cause of what significantly impacted an individual’s quality of life and relationships. In addition, it is known for giving you the skills to attain self-reflection and self-knowledge. More than 10+ sessions are usually required. So, many people usually search for a therapist counsellor in London, especially when they:
  • therapy counselling onlinedeal with a significant crisis
  • suffer from an extended period of anxiety or depression
  • face complicated family dynamics
  • need advice about problems in a relationship
  • need to manage an addiction or substance abuse
  • want to set new goals
  • need to develop their communication skills
If you are struggling, you should reach out to your GP. The GP will decide which expert is right for you. An experienced therapist counsellor in London can help you create that positive change you will be searching for. In fact, they will create a safe place to explore your thoughts, fears and concerns. If you have some questions to address before booking your session do not hesitate to contact us directly here. Alternatively, you can contact us on our Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook pages any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know that my therapist will understand and not judge my actions?

A: Every therapist counsellor in London takes confidentiality very seriously. It is one of the main principles of the job. Thus, you can be certain that the counselling environment will be accepting and judgement free. The expert will tailor an individual treatment plan for you to ensure all your requests are met.

Q: How can I find a therapist that will address my problems correctly and help me improve my relationships in life?

A: It is a tough process to hire the ideal expert for you. Every customer usually tries a couple of professionals in the beginning. Then you can decide to continue the sessions with the person that you feel best with to share confidential and intimate information. Thus, trust is really important in this kind of a relationship. We advise you to take your time when booking a coarse of sessions for a long period.

Q: Are you doing only one-to-one sessions or online therapy as well?

A: We offer both options. You can check with every expert yourself whether they have online services or not. Usually it will be mentioned in the description of the service or in their biography. Thus, you can find a therapist for online sessions and book directly.