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Sports Instructors and Coaches (Prices start from £3)

Sports coach in LondonAre you looking for a sports coach in London to help you reach that goal? Do you need motivation to start on exercising or doing more sports? Do you have passion for sports but you need someone to teach you the specific techniques? Then our sports coaches in London are here to help. Our instructors offer a variety of sports, cardio and exercises to help you maintain you healthy and fit.  We provide professional coaches and instructors in London that can train you to the best of your abilities. They will teach you the best skills and techniques to help you or your team boost your performance.

What kind of sports does a Sports coach in London offer?

Sports instructor in LondonOur experienced and professional sports coaches in London offer a number of sports, including:
  • Belly vacuum and waistline workout
  • Balanced and dynamic stretching
  • Body sculpture
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tennis
  • HIIT workout and body tone
  • Table tennis

Belly vacuum and waistline workout

The belly is the spot where most of the fat tends to be stored. The so-called 'belly fat' is usually the hardest and most stubborn part of the body and most people need a lot of efforts and a strict diet to get rid of this type of fat. However, often just dieting on its own is not enough to beat that fat, as in most cases you will need the popular method called belly vacuum and/or waistline workout. Our experienced professional instructors can help you by implementing proper regimens and workouts for you, so you can get rid of that belly fat much easier and quicker. The vacuum exercise is an amazing and incredibly effective yoga technique used as a massage for your internal organs. This technique was developed in the late 60s, however it is still well-known and a widely used method to get toned inner abdominal muscles. Additionally, the consistent practice of this exercise will help you get a more 'tucked in' belly, alongside toning the muscles in the lower abs.

Balanced and dynamic stretching

Body stretching can improve balance and coordination, as well as it can decrease the risk of muscle strain and injury. According to different experts the best time to do your daily stretching is the evening time, however our London sports instructors can help you accommodate your schedule and needs. Dynamic stretching refers to any stretch that involves or is performed through movement, such as bouncing and swinging. The swinging and/or bouncing movements are used to extend their range of motion and flexibility, as well as to give more tension to your muscles. As the dynamic stretching should never be radical, uncontrolled or without any experience, you should consider booking one of our experts in dynamic experts by clicking here.

Body sculpture

Body sculpture is a method that is used to shape your body to look more toned and leaner by using a few different ways to achieve that. Some methods include exercising and some invasive techniques, such as surgeries. In case you want to achieve leaned and toned body without invasions, then try our sports coaches and instructors. They will help you implement a healthy exercise routine that combines flexibility and cardio training to shape and tone your body without making you feel drained. For more information visit our website.

YogaSports coach in London

Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to bring together your mind and body by incorporating breathing exercises, poses and meditation to reduce stress levels by encouraging relaxation. Yoga is not just any form of practice, it is a complicated yet effective and a peaceful method of increasing your productivity and improving your mental health, while decreasing your stress. It is highly encouraged to be practiced under the supervision of professionals and our sports coaches and instructors in London can help.


As Gabriela Estrade says ''Pilates will meet anybody's needs to improve their movement in a graceful way, and at the same time make it extremely challenging''. Pilates is a popular low-impact exercise that strengthens muscles and improves postural alignment and flexibility. It is a type of exercise that is particularly popular in the western world, as it is also known to reduce stress levels and help with strengthening your core, however it is not restricted to any particular body part. Pilates also improves your mobility and flexibility.

Table tennisLondon UK Sports coach for tennis

Table tennis is an incredibly important but kind of underestimated sport. This sport however has a number of benefits on for example brain activity,  coordination (specifically eye coordination). Additionally, it is a gentle type of fitness with huge impact on the player's body and mind. No matter which type of sport you choose, our sports coaches and instructors in London can help you learn not only all of the essentials, but also help you become a real professional in that sport. That is why you should book an experienced and professional sports coach in London today, at prices starting from only £3 per online sessions.

Why should you consider taking up any of these types of sports or activities?

Tennis coach in London near me UK

Sports and exercises are probably the most important factor in keeping you fit and healthy, alongside a good healthy diet. That is why any sport or exercise will be of a huge benefit to your health and your loved ones. In case you are wondering which one exactly is for you, our experienced sports coaches and instructors in London can help you out.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I choose an appropriate sport for me?

A: Choosing your desired sport can be a bit tricky and challenging. Simply try to do some research or even get in touch with our sports coaches and instructors in London. Thus, you will be able to speak to them about the particular services they offer. You can try different things and book some sessions with different instructors to see what you like most.

Q: Can I join Connecting Services as a sports coach in London?

A: We are glad you are interested in joining us! We are constantly looking for experienced professionals in various areas. In order to join the team as a sports coach and instructor in London, please do get in touch through our Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Q: I do not feel comfortable commuting to a gym or another place to attend the sessions. Can I attend online?

A: Absolutely! Just speak to our sports coaches about that to make sure they are offering online sessions. You can check the description and biography of every sports coach in London listed on our website. Thus, you can check all the details about online sessions.

Q: Can I book a private one-to-one session with a sports coach in London?

A: Yes, you can. Just, please make sure you confirm that with the chosen instructor or coach.