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Private tutor (Prices start from £10)

private tutor in london Looking for a private tutor in London to help you improve your language skills? A private teacher offers a variety of well-based programs tailored to your needs. Either you are looking to master a skill yourself or for your children, one-to-one tutoring is the solution.  Connecting Services can help if you or your child have exams coming up or just want to learn a new language? Additionally, any struggles with any subject at school or college can be addressed. Our private tutor in London is the right thing you need for all those problems!

how much does a private tutor cost ukWhy a private tutor in London will help you pass your exams?

Are your GCSE or A-level exams approaching? It can be very frustrating to prepare for examinations at school or in college. Many students find it hard to understand what they need to do properly to get a good grade. Is it revising all the chapters or reading the previous assignments and corrections to them? There are so many things to do before taking an exam and students get lost in between all the information they have to remember and topics they need to understand. That is when a private tutor in London comes in handy.

Online Private Tutor vs One-To-One

Here are a few reasons why should try online private classes: 
  • only need a webcam, internet access and aPrivate tutor in London near me computer
  • can speed on whatever subject you wish as the lesson will be tailored to your needs
  • fun and time saving because you can simply do it from home, without having to commute on foot, by public transportation or car
  • it is flexible (you can set the courses whenever it suits you or change them in case your schedule is too busy)
  • it is enjoyable and interactive (it encourages the pupil to study more)
  • lessons can be done even when you feel under the weather (there is no risk of catching or transmitting illnesses)
  • the teacher can save the lesson virtually as a pdf document so you can go back and check it anytime later
  • use of online whiteboards and screen sharing functions can make the teaching method more effective (this helps the pupil understand the concept of the course better)
  • students feel more relaxed and confident as they have to deal with no social pressures
  • classes are affordable (Our online private tutors offer a low cost-high quality service) 

Language teachers and School tutoring

private maths tutor london At Connecting Services we offer individual tutoring for both languages and school subjects. Preparation for university exams can be an option as well. The advantage of picking a teacher yourself is in finding the right person who is a professional in the subject or language that you need. Now our private tutor in London experts are offering exclusive lessons in all GSCE or A levels subjects. These include but are not limited to: Maths, Literature, Science, Arts, History, Economics, English and many more. Apart from offering their exclusive services to all our clients, our private tutors in London are now offering sessions in some of the most widely spoken languages. Whether you want to add another language skill to your personal assets, want to learn some basics for your next vacation or prepare you for your next big adventure in life. You can now learn a number of languages, in all levels, based on your personal requirements and level of knowledge. Some of the languages offered include but are not limited to: Spanish, Arabic, English, French, Italian and many more. Simply choose your language and book. Some of the services we provide:
  • A Level & AS Level tutors in London
  • English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish tutors in London
  • University tutors in London
  • GCSE tutors in London
  • and many more

A Level maths tutor A Level & AS Level Tutors in London

Whether you are looking to just improve your grade in AS Level Mathematics or you need to get an A* in your A Level subject to get into your university of choice we are here to help you. Our experienced professionals know all the syllabuses of every subject they are teaching. It is vital to understand the importance of the material and the past papers practice. The more you solve the previous exam papers the better you will understand and learn the material. Not only an A Level Maths tutor will ask you to solve many past papers and revise this before your exam but for every other subject every teacher will ask the same. We currently offer A Level & AS Level tutors:
  • Mathematics
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Modern languages
  • Biology
  • Classical languages
  • English literature
  • History
  • Geography
  • more
Our personal tutors are experienced in their subjects and fields and are professionally trained. Whether you have problems with understanding a certain topic or even the whole subject, our teachers are here to help. Even if you want to keep yourself or your kids busy by learning a foreign language, Connecting Services can help. Hire a private tutor in London that knows how to structure the classes properly and efficiently. Simply click the following link. At Connecting Services we have private tutors in London that will use a wide range of unique strategies to help you boost your interest, improve your grades and help you prepare for the upcoming exams and projects. Get better and outstanding grades with our incredibly affordable and experienced private tutors in London. Get your amazing learning journey started! Book your first class with an experienced online private tutor in London today. Please, contact us for any enquiries.

The right personal tutor for you

It is crucial to find the right person for your educational journey with a personal tutor you trust. At Connecting Services we believe that not only the qualifications of the professional matter but his personality, character, professionalism, availability and flexibility. Every private tutor in London that you hire needs to be a simply good person and friend to you. There should be good communication between the student and teacher during the class.

Personality matters

We only work with tutors that are not only experienced, trained and certified, but they also need to have the right personality. Because we believe that the character of a tutor is right the learning process is much more easier and pleasant. Out team of dedicated private tutor in London is compassionate and motivational, as well as provide excellent learning atmosphere.

Combined with professional expertise

All our private tutor in London experts are chosen through a selective registration process that allows us to choose the best of the best on the market. All our tutoring service providers have an excellent command of their subjects and are the right fit for Connecting Services and your individual needs.

Wherever and wherever you need them

When you hire a private tutor in London lots of concerns might pop up in our minds. Some of the most commonly met questions (and concerns) of future students and parents are always addressed regarding flexibility and reliability. Probably good news is that all our personal tutors are fully flexible and available at any time and anywhere. Our private tutor in London professionals arrange their schedule, so that it can align with your own arrangements and availability. You can choose face to face or online appointments for your tutoring sessions. You choose whatever you prefer or makes you feel comfortable. Our dedicated private tutor in London experts offer both types of sessions, so you can improve your knowledge whenever and wherever you fancy.

Experience the culture with our private tutor in London

Whether you have just arrived in the UK, USA or any other English speaking country with limited knowledge of the language or simply want to improve it, Connecting Services can help. If you are moving to another country you would probably want to learn the language, so you can feel and experience the best of the country. We can help you experience the culture and the country as a native. Additionally, you will be able to live better and an easier life by communicating effectively and more confidently.

How much to pay for a private tutor in London?

personal tutor in london uk It is not a secret that London is an expensive city and nothing is cheap. Unfortunately lots of businesses have taken advantage and use it against their clients. This includes even private tutoring. In most cases, the prices for personal tutoring goes anything between £15-£30 per session. However, at Connecting Services that is not the case. We aim to provide you with the best service without ripping you off your pockets. That is why our rates start from only £10 per session. You can pay for a private tutor in London the bare minimum with us since we directly connect you with the professional. Our sessions are not only significantly more affordable, but are also completely customized to suit your or your child's needs. Simply select a tutoring expert in your chosen area of knowledge and book your private classes. For more information, please visit our website by clicking the link. You can also follow our social media platforms for more insight information, testimonials from our previous and current clients, and more. Instagram and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have a guarantee that I will learn the language with your services fast and efficient?

A: Our professionals are very experienced and will strive to teach you the selected language as good as they can. However, the process of learning depends entirely on the student and his abilities plus hard work. You will have to submit assignments and revise the material constantly as requested by your private tutor in London.

Q: Can I have a one-to-one class or only online is available?

A: Every teacher will write in the service details or description whether they offer online classes or one-to-one as well. Please, do read the bio of every professional and the details mentioned before booking a class. If you would like to book both online and face to face sessions you might need to clarify this with your chosen tutor.

Q: How much does a private tutor charge per hour at Connecting Services?

A: A private tutor charges per hour from anywhere in-between £10-£50/hour for a class. It depends on the specific tutor and the fee that want to charge. Every professional will have a different fee based on their experience, qualifications, reviews and ratings.

Q: I can tutor part-time. How can I apply to join your team as a private tutor in London?

A: Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We are glad you are interested in working with us. Please, get in touch with us via our social media platforms and someone from our team will help you out. Alternatively, follow the link here to apply directly on our website or message us on Linkedin. private tutor in london

Q: I need a native speaker to practice my language skills. Do you have native speakers in your team?

A: Yes, we do. Most of our private tutor in London professionals are native speakers or have many years of experience. Thus, you are in safe hands and may feel secure to book your class.

Q: Are your private tutor in London professionals certified?

A: Yes, they are. We only work with trained and experienced people that know what they are doing.

Q: How do you find the private tutor in London professionals?

A: We always aim to ensure that we source the best private tutor in London experts. That is why we always work with only certified professionals that have years of experience in their fields.

Q: I have learned a language and I want  to resume studying it. However, I am not sure of my current level. Can your tutors help?

A: Certainly they can. Some of them might offer CEFR tests or similar ones to define your level. Just, please make sure you discuss this with your teacher.

Q: I need help with translating. Do you offer translating services as well?

A: Yes, our teachers offer translating services in some of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Please, ask your private tutor in London directly about these services.