Plumber (Prices start from £15)

Find a plumber in London that will fix all of your pipes for the lowest price. Connecting Services offers cheap emergency 24/7 plumbers in any borough within the area. We can help with urgent matters anytime and provide our best professional plumbers, both male and female. Whether you need an emergency plumber or a local plumber to help you with your house renovation or maintenance, we have got you covered! Our plumbers will lower the cost of extra materials as much as they can and provide all the receipts. This will give you peace of mind about all the fees and additional expenses. Moreover, they are experienced for professional plumbing and heating repairs. You can choose the plumber you like more judging by the reviews and ratings. Additionally, some local plumbers might charge daily rates and others hourly rates. It is up to you to decide which plumber you want to hire!

Our professional plumbing services include: 

  • sink repair
  • gas plumbing services
  • shower plumbing services
  • residential plumbing services
  • kitchen plumbing services
  • industrial plumbing
  • copper plumbing
  • plumbing for dummies
  • drain cleaning
  • advanced plumbing
  • plumbing repairs such as toilet repair 
  • boiler repair
  • pipe and drain cleaning
  • installation of a washbasin or sink
  • replacement of heating batteries
  • installation of a shower cabin
  • cleaning sewers
  • replace sewer risers
  • installation of heated towel rails
  • boiler clean up (gas or electrical)
  • installation of toilet bowls
  • emergency and urgent plumbing services
  • installation of pipes for water supply, scorching, sewerage

Why hire a reliable and professional local plumber?

If you are debating whether to hire a plumber or not it might not be an emergency right now. The problem is it will become one day an urgent matter. Our team of 24/7 plumbers will solve your problem efficiently, ensuring long lasting results. All our plumbers are reliable professionals who work with the required permits and all the safety precautions. They work with professional tools and know exactly what they need to do in order to get the job done right. Plus, they can detect potential issues and fix them, before they cause extensive damage. When you hire a plumber with Connecting Services we ensure you get the cheapest prices on the market.

Do you need to preserve a good plumbing system in your flat?

Improving your plumbing system according to your needs is crucial. In addition, the best plumbers in London know how to make it cost efficient so that you can definitely save money. Last but not least, professional plumbers will ensure safety in your household. By turning all the pipes and tubes up to date, they will make sure that the water flowing from them is totally clean and ready to drink. All our professional plumbers will make sure the flat or your house is remaining intact on the outside and all the decorations preserved. They will try do the job very neatly and could call one of our handymen for additional help if required. 

Covid-19 update

Our plumbers are still here for you! Our providers are strictly following all the sanitation measures laid out by the World Health Organisation. Hire a professional 24/7 plumber today!


Q: Does the cost of a plumber in London include the tools required for the job?

A: Connecting Services offers professional plumbers in London with their own tools and equipment. We do not require the customers to pay for the tools of the mobile plumbers they hire. If the job requires some strong machinery or some extra tools or appliances that need to be installed in your home/apartment then this cost is beared by the customer. The client will have to order the items separately and pay for them while our best plumbers in London will install them.

Q: How much do plumbers charge per hour in London and why are prices different for every professional?

A: Our London plumbers' day rates and hourly rates are different for every service provider. As every individual is an independent plumber they decide on the prices they charge per hour or daily. The good news are that we still offer the cheapest plumbers in London with the lowest rates on the market as there are no middle men! We are not a company charging you three times the normal rates, we are offering you the normal low rates for London plumbers!

Q: Does Connecting Services London offer emergency 24/7 plumbers in London, UK?

A: Yes, we offer emergency 24/7 plumbers in London, UK! You can check each local plumbers' working hours individually or just contact us and we will find the one that is available straight away for you!

Q: When do I need to call an emergency plumber?

A: If the water drains at a slower speed than normal, this usually leads to a blockage and water overflowing later. You must contact an emergency plumber without further delay in that case. Other emergency situations include a toilet blockage or boiler fault and many more.

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