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Photographer (Prices start from £22)

Hire a photographer in London for any event

It is not easy to find a photographer in London that you will love. Connecting Services provides a selection of professional photographers in London with a broad range of services. For every occasion there will be an event photographer near you who is experienced, well informed and available to be booked. We offer not only the popular wedding photographers but something less on demand like dance or yoga photographers as well. The customers can request any kind of photoshoot they desire with us.

Hire a photographer in London for any occasion

Family photographer London UK To hire a photographer in London you need first to understand which kind of professional you need. There are multiple event photographers listed on our website and each one of them has his own style. It is up to you to decide which person you would like to book. At Connecting Services, we work hard to prepare and provide you with an all-inclusive list of the a variety of different types of photographers in London.  Providing a professional for any event whether it be in your home, office or rented venue. With our extensive directory of professionals, you will most definitely not have any problem to find a photographer for that particular occasion. To ensure you find a photographer in London that suits your needs here are a few tips:
  • do you researchFind a photographer London
  • look at their work and portfolio and find the style you truly love
  • ask questions and tell them what you’re looking for
  • read reviews and talk to possible customers who have used their services
  • interview the expert and test how comfortable you are with them
  • understand what is the main focus of the cameraman
  • ask about their editing process and software’s they use
  • check the fees
  • agree on the location/background
Most of our professionals have their portfolio attached for you to have a look. In case you cannot find a photographer in London that would suit your needs do let us know and we will try to guide you to the correct individual.

Wedding photographer London cost

London Photographer for every type of event

London photographer for hire is available for baby photoshoots, wedding photoshoots, headshot photography and many more. Whether you are looking for a business headshot photographer or a family photoshoot, our team is here to help you.

Wedding photographer in London (Pros and Cons)

A wedding photographer is crucial for the event memories to last. Taking pictures is always important, especially when it comes to specific events. Special occasions are memories that you want to keep forever. That’s why you should hire a photographer in London who is an expert for the most important day of your life. Wedding photographer east london uk A wedding photographer in London can be not cheap but there are countless reasons not to cut wedding costs on that. Some of them include:
  1. Our cameramen are highly qualified and experienced. They always work with good quality equipment and want to take the best shot in any event. Professional wedding photographers pay attention to detail. They always look for the right lighting and posing
  2. They focus on taking good quality pictures and are devoted to taking photos that you can print or share on social media. A professional wedding photographer truly strives for photos that last for a lifetime
  3. They edit your photos with the latest digital tools. So at the end of the day, all of your photos will look like the latest cover of Vogue
  4. They choose the best spots for the pictures. Sometimes a wedding photoshoot will happen outdoors. In that case, the cameraman will guide you to the most iconic spots. Our freelance photographers will capture the exceptional moments in unique pictures

Family photographer in London, UK

family photographer london ukA family photographer in London is a growing trend for many individuals and households. It gives a moment of closure and time to appreciate the love between the family members. What could be better than spending time with your loved once and capturing this on camera. Many people struggle to think of family photoshoot concept and places. How should the picture look like? Whether people should dance, play or just smile and hug is a question that any professional will address. It totally depends on your mood and the looks. The customer can decide on the style, place, dress code and much more. To guide you we have highlighted some places and venues where you can take a family portrait:
  • your home
  • in the park
  • work place if it is a family business
  • on holidays abroad or in the UK
  • school or university
  • your favourite restaurant

Baby photographer in London, UK

baby photographer london uk A baby photographer in London is usually hired during birth or first birthday celebration. Some mothers are very skeptical of being pictured in labour. Women look very exhausted and tired while giving birth most of the times. However, one cannot argue that this is the happiest moment in your life. So why not capture it on camera and hold these memories forever. A first birthday celebration can be a much more enjoyable event for a mother. Thus, ordering a professional to take nice pictures of the occasion is super popular in every country. The whole family looks at its best: the father, mom and the child! Connecting Services is delighted to offer such services and bring so much happiness to all those families.

Photographer London PricesPhotographer in London Prices

At Connecting Services, we provide a range of professionals in London at different prices. We display a diversity of various offers and prices which depend on timing, location, event, and the amount of photos requested. Moreover, every individual professional decides by himself the prices and fees he wants to charge. Thus, the photographer London prices vary a lot. You can browse the selection and look at photographer London prices which suit your pocket and your occasion best. At Connecting Services we aim to deliver the lowest prices on the market for each service. Without doubt, you can take the photos you have been dreaming off at the most affordable price with us. It is time to tell stories with your photos! All you need to do is hire a photographer in London today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I contact a particular professional that I liked most and ask him additional questions?

A: Yes, you can definitely ask any questions the cameraman you liked. Do contact us directly and we will try to assist immediately.

Q: Can I choose the location of the photoshoot?

A: Yes, the location is totally up to you. As long as it is in the same city as the professional lives no extra cost should be charged. If you want to take the individual with you to another city or country for the project then these costs are not included in the price.

Q: Will I receive printed pictures or only digital?

A: Most of the projects are digital only as printed version is more expensive. You can scroll through the database and look if someone is offering a printed album or some pack of printed pictures.

Q: Can I post my portfolio and offer my work through Connecting Services?

A: Yes, we are always looking to expand our database of expert cameramen! Please, contact us on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or apply to work directly here.