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Pet care services in London - Pet Sitters & Dog Sitters

Pet care services in London. Pet Sitters & Dog Sitters near you in London.

pet care in london

Get specialist pet care in London today by simply going to our website selecting the type of care you require from pet sitting at home (in North, South, East, and West London), pet walking, pet daycare or even pet boarding. You can get ‘per hour’ pet care (in North, South, East, and West) London for a variety of your different beloved mates from cats to dogs and even your fishes. Connecting Services has a range of professionals for pet care in London who are ready to come and help you with a range of different care for your beloved animals. While dog sitting in London is the most popular service requested we can assure you other pets will be treated equally well.

Find the pet care in London that you need

Do you need someone to take care of your pet while you are at work, school or out of town? Do you struggle to find someone to take care of your favourite pet while you are on a vacation? Then, our pet sitting providers are here to help! Find a pet care in London provider to take care of your pet while you are away.  They will not only do the basic care for your pets, but will cherish and treat them like royals.

Why hire Pet Sitters in London?

Pet care in London at lowest rates per hour

When you have a pet and live a busy lifestyle Connecting Services in London can help. We offer pet services to make your life easier. Life can be overwhelming sometimes. There are millions of things in your to-do list that you never found time to do. One of them can be to take care of your pet more often. If you are too busy working or just need some time to relax Pet care in London services may be a great option for you. Pet sitters in London come in handy when you are not there to provide your time to your loved ones and most precious pets. When you are unable to care for them yourself our professional pet care providers will strive to make them comfortable and relaxed. Connecting Services pet care in London loves all of your pets no matter the colour, breed or type! Our pet sitters are all trained to the highest level and know the importance of the service they are offering. So, don’t worry about your beloved pets because the love you provide will be maintained by our pet caretakers and the animal will be back with you even more happy and joyful than you left it.

pet care in londonWhat is pet sitting?

Pet care, also known as pet sitting, is animal care and services provided to attend or train animals. This can be anything related to care, from basics, such as feeding, to vet care and more. These services are provided by people who are trained and experienced in pet sitting and know what they are doing. A pet care provider is the person in charge of the daily handling of the animals. Our providers of pet care in London are experienced in working with pets and other non-farm animals. Our pet care providers and trained to feed, groom, exercise and bathe your pets, as well as teach them to respond to human communications (also known as commands).

Pet sitting services in London that we offer

Our dedicated and professional pet sitters offer a variety of pet care services for you and your pet. Anything from walking, feeding and grooming, to getting them to the vet. Simply speak to our providers of pet care in London and book by clicking the link. For more information, please visit our Instagram and Facebook pages. There you can learn more tips, insightful information, testimonials from our clients and more.

How much does pet sitting cost per hour usually?

pet sitting services in london

Pet sitting is an expensive treat for you and your pets. Especially when it comes to a place like London. Normally, pet sitting in London tends to be pretty expensive, anything from £20-£30 per hour. However, at Connecting Services we love saving you money and time, by providing the best services at the lowest rates. We looked for the best pet care in London, so we could save you this stressful search. We found passionate and dedicated pet care providers that offer incredibly affordable rates, starting from only £15 per hour!

Connecting Services provides care for all kinds of pets

Pet care in London Connecting Services has a variety of different pet sitters in London for all types of animals from dogs, cute kittens, majestic horses to even your lovely goldfish. Pet care is essential  but can be hard at times so we are here to help you. Our professional pet sitters in London help with feeding, walking, vet check-ups and love around the clock. We are also there to give them kisses and hugs free of charge! Connecting Services is a trusted website which offers a range of providers of pet care in London when their owners may be away on holiday/work. If you are unable to provide the care for your beloved animals as you used to we will take over the responsibilities. Services we offer:
  • dog walking
  • pet sitting
  • pet grooming
  • dog boarding
  • pet washing
  • cat boarding
  • pet breeding
  • cat sitting
  • pet boarding

Cat sitting in London

Connecting Services offers cat sitting in London at the best rates per hour. A cat sitter of your choice will come to your home or office and spend time with your pet while you are away. In addition, our service provider will feed the cat and offer companionship. We offer both overnight cat sitters in London or daily visits. Our professionals will come to your house and look after your cat with the best care and attention. We cater for every cat's needs individually and will follow your daily routine. Most of our clients will request the service when they are away on holidays or business trips. Someone needs to feed the cat, make it feel comfortable in your absence and simply take care of it. All our cat sitters in London are available for any time of the day that suits you. You can simply check every person's availability for bookings.

Importance of Dog Walking?

Dog walking in London

Dog walking on a regular basis is the absolute foundation of a physically and mentally healthy dog friend. Dogs are animals which require constant walks and cannot be confined to the house for long periods of time. This will inevitably lead them to become bored and thus, result in bad behaviour. Animals reciprocate the feelings they get from the people surrounding them. If left alone they won’t provide any love and affection to their owner. To show love for our best friends the necessary requirements must be met and walks come under this category. Your dog relies on your care. Thus, to allow them to grow and develop their senses, personality and health we need to provide them with the walks they need and deserve. Let’s help them enjoy their life and discover happiness! Our pet service providers are professionals, careful people and in love with animals. So, your pets will be in the safest hands. All dog sitters in London have the same customers throughout the years as people trust them with their loved ones every single time.

The daily dog walking done for you

Do you ever need to walk your dog but simply do not have the time and the energy because of the long day at work? Then our dog walking service providers will do the job for you. Our pet care in London will take care of everything in your absence. Simply book your chosen dog walker in London and you are all set. We are more than sure that your dog will love our dog sitters a lot, because all of them have an unexhaustive love for pets, a wonderful personality and experience.

Pet boarding in London

Pet boarding by Connecting Services

Home away from home for your beloved pets. We offer pet boarding in London for all kinds of home pets. However, the most popular ones are dog boarding and cat boarding. Connecting Services has many host families around London to offer love, attention and comfort for your pets. Cat boarding in London The most important benefit of pet boarding in London is that your furry friends can make new friends and play. Most of the families that would take your pet are fully booked for the season and will definitely have more than one pet at the same time. This means dog walking every day with multiple pets and lots of play and action. Best dog boarding in LondonYou can search in advance for the host family before you go out of town. Thus, you will be able to meet them and see the environment where your furry friend will stay. Most of dog boarding in London offers a separate room for your pets to sleep and good care. To make you feel secure we would advise to discuss the diet as well and give all the instructions if your dog has any allergies. The same concerns the cat boarding in London service. When you are abroad or unable to come back from your trip the least thing you would want is any allergies to appear. Thus, choose wisely the home you are leaving your pet to.

How much is pet sitting in London per hour?

Dog sitting in London Some of our popular prices include:
  • Dog Walkers (in North, South, East, and West London) from prices starting at £10 per hour.
  • Cat Sitters/ Pet Sitters (in North, South, East, and West London) from prices starting at £10 per hour.
Don't hesitate to book your pet sitting in London service provider today! Take some time for yourself and don't worry about your pets. We've got your covered! Don't forget to review each provider you book. We value our customer's opinions very highly. So, whenever you need someone to care for your pet in London call us or browse through the variety of different services we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order more than one hour dog sitting in London per day?

A: Our providers of pet care in London can take your dog for a walk as many times per day as you need. When you have no time to do that yourself Connecting Services will take care of the rest. The dog sitting in London doesn't include only walking, but also exercise and companionship for your dog.

Q: I have more than two pets and one of my pets needs a special service/special care request. Can you provide pet sitting in London for 2 or more animals simultaneously?

A: If you have other pets that need different services contact us and we will find you a provider that will be able to help.

Q: How is cat sitting in London service different from dog sitting?

A: Cat sitting in London will usually not include any walks or washing up your pet.

Q: How do I become part of your pet care in London team?

A: Thank you for your interest in joining Connecting Services. We are always looking for a wonderful talent to join us on the mission to help people and make their life easier. Please contact us via our social media platforms. You can apply on our website through the sign up form or on our Linkedin or Facebook pages.

Q: How many pets do your dog sitters in London walk at the same time?

A: Our dog sitters in London may walk as little as one pet at a time to as many as 5. It is very rare to walk 4-5 dogs simultaneously as the customers' locations are usually not in the same area. However, it is very beneficial for dogs to communicate with others and play together.

Q: How does cat sitting overnight work?

A: Cat sitting overnight can be arranged as you like. The customer usually chooses the person for the job and gives direct instructions. The tasks might include even taking care after a cat post operation. The cat sitter can feed your pet any medicine prescribed by the veterinarian or apply any creams necessary. Our professional will do everything for your cat on the list given it is part of their services on offer. Connecting Services advises to read all biographies and description of services prior to booking your pet sitting in London service.

Q: How many times per day can cat sitters in London visit my house?

A: You can decide how many times you want to call our cat sitters in London. It can be as many as 4 or even only once per day. We try to cater to all of your needs and wishes.

Q: Is pet boarding the same as pet sitting?

A: Pet boarding is when a family takes your pet to their own house for a number of days while you are out of town. The sitting service is when our professional comes to your house and sits there for a number of hours or even overnight with your furry friend.

Q: Are your pet care providers experienced?

A: Yes, all of our pet care in London individuals are experienced in their job. Thus, your pets are in safe hands with us.

Q: How much does your pet care in London cost?

A: Our pet care costs from only £15 per hour and it includes the major pet care related activities. However, please note that some services might vary in their price due to the nature of the services and the number of pets required to be petted. That is why we recommend you to speak to our pet sitters prior to booking.

pet sitting london ukQ: Is there a limited amount of time I could book your dog walkers?

A: No, there is not. You can book our dog walkers for as long as you need them. Simply go to our website and choose the required service provider.

Q: I need someone to take care of my pet while I am out of town. Can your pet carers help me?

A: Absolutely. They will gladly do all the required tasks for you while you are away. They will make sure that your pets are well taken care of, fed and groomed.