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Personal Trainer (Prices start from £3)

Services of a personal trainer in London have become part of every grown up's routine. Our PTs in London are very enthusiastic experts and coaches that personally aim to teach people a truly unique and enjoyable approach to life related to fitness. Some professionals have experienced weight problems themselves. They will help you overcome the mountainous difficulties you face in a constructive way. Our training professionals are highly educated in personal training, instruction, exercise, sports nutrition and treatment.

Find a personal trainer in London

Connecting Services has personal trainers in London who have skills and experience in specific areas such as weight loss, nutrition, pre-natal and post-natal training and exercise guidance. You may want to consider what your goals are and if there is a professionally knowledgeable personal trainer who can help you with your goals. Our experts bring different cultures and approaches to meet your personal health and fitness needs. Whether you just want to stay healthy or want to transform your body. Our dedicated trainers will work with you to complete every step of the journey. You just need to make an appointment with your private training expert.

Find a personal trainer in London

Our affordable personal trainers in London provide personal training services at a low price. They offer a variety of services, including fitness, pilates, yoga, and more. Click the link to see all our available services and their rates. Alternatively, visit our Instagram or Facebook pages for more information.

personal trainer near meLadies Personal Trainer, London

Connecting Services London offers ladies personal trainers (or male personal trainers) to suit every need of the client and accommodate their personal, cultural or religious preferences. Now you can book a female or male training professionals here  and exercise with our affordable experts at the comfort of your home.

Personal trainer near me cost

The cost of our trainers varies, depending on the services required and the professional's expertise. However, our rates start from only £3, because our affordable private trainers are passionate about providing you with cheap and effective personal training in the comfort of your London home. Health and Fitness are not only about what your body looks like on the outside but also on the inside! Our personal trainers work together to create positive changes in your goals. We can make sure your body and mind find the right balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a personal trainer in London cost?

A: The price varies based on the service, however they normally start from only £3 per session. You can check individually everyone and find a personal trainer in London that suits your pocket and tastes more.

Q: How long do sessions last? 

A: Most sessions last about 50mins, however that depends on the providers and the specific services.

Q: How can I book a personal trainer in London with you?

A: Easily, by clicking the link. You will be redirected to our category search. Simply choose and book.

Q: What kind of services do your PTs offer?

A: Our top personal trainers in London offer a number of services, from balance and dynamic stretching to HIIT workouts. Please refer to our website for more information.

Q: Do I need a membership to use your London PTs?

A: No, you do not need a membership. However, some of our personal trainers offer the so-called 'passes' that come cheaper that if booked separately.

Q: I do not feel comfortable with having group sessions. Can I book private sessions?

A: Of course. Just speak to our providers or directly choose your private sessions while booking.

Q: Can I book one session for me and my partner?

A: Yes, you can. Some of our PT in London offer private one-to-one sessions and some offer sessions for 2.

Q: I am unable to accept people home, due to personal and safety reasons. Can I book online sessions?

A: Yes, you definitely can. Some of our top personal trainers have zoom sessions available, both private and group ones.

Q: I am looking for people to motivate me to start training. Do you offer something that might help?

A: Yes, we do. We have group sessions, both online and in person, to keep you motivated. Additionally, our PTs in London organise small groups, so there is an opportunity to have a more direct approach.

Q: Due to my work schedule I am only available in the mornings. Is there any morning only sessions?

A: Absolutely. You will just need to check out with the specific personal trainer in London, as these may vary depending on their personal availability. However, you can certainly book morning-only sessions, just consider the specific requirements you might have and your particular goals.