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Nanny | Babysitting | Child Care Services in London

Looking for a nanny in London can be very stressful. How do you know if someone is good enough to look after your kids and be part your family? Under the best conditions, to find a babysitter in London takes time, not to discuss painful compromises and the hard work of developing trust. Nanny | Babysitting | Child Care Services in London We are here to help you with trustworthy, reliable and safe nannies for families across London. Furthermore, all our London nannies undergo the same screening process as our babysitters. They are particularly select from hundreds of applications to ensure only the best babysitters make it onto our books.

Find a Nanny/Babysitter in London

find a nanny in London Find a nanny in London with confidence. Call us and we'll be happy to help with the friendly and professional care for your child. You should be able to feel confident when you leave your precious child with a stranger. We will try to make this process to hire a babysitter in London much smoother for you. We usually look at different factors when deciding on how to find a nanny in London for you. Here are some of them:
  • Cultural background of the family and sitter should be similar
  • Nanny's knowledge of languages
  • Experience in similar environments
  • Duration of every job should be ideally at least 1 year in a family
  • Love for childcare and children
  • Areas the babysitter in London is willing to travel to work
Find a babysitter in London At Connecting Services you can easily hire a nanny in London for:
  • Full-time babysitting with overnight stay
Childcare in London You can have peace of mind with Connecting Services as even last minute emergencies can be covered. We have a big database of carefully selected childcare specialists on our system for any time of the day. When you need to hire a babysitter in London urgently it is best to call us or leave a message here. If you prefer, you can browse all our candidates yourself to hire a nanny in London who is available usually at your preferred time of the day.

Nanny/Babysitter: Cost in London

Nanny Cost in LondonNanny fees in London can be crazy high for a working family. Imagine giving half of your salary to mortgage repayments, household bills and the other half to a babysitter. It can get very frustrating to start a family when people calculate all the costs they may not be able to bear. That is why babysitter fees in London are usually priced at per hour or per day. Not many people can afford a full-time helper. Babysitter cost in London UKAt Connecting Services we aim to deliver the impossible and provide you with the lowest nanny price in London per hour or even per day! How we achieve that? By connecting you directly to the professional we get rid of the agency fees that all the companies charge. Thus, our nanny price in London is the lowest you can get. Additionally, many sitters are doing this part-time and can come for even two hours time. No need to get a minimum of 4-5 hours per day. So the babysitter fees in London per hour are very low on our website and you can get away with a bill of less than £20.

Why it is important to choose the right childcare for your kid

Importance of good childcare in the UKWhen you are away from the house you want to know that your child is under safe custody and no problems will arise. That is completely normal for every parent. Thus, it is important to understand that the nanny-parent relationship should stay positive and professional. A normal babysitter in London might work around 50 hours per week which makes it hard for them to cope with extra assignments. A lot of parents assume that a nanny in London has to do not only everything for the child but for the house as well. A housekeeper is not the same job as a childcare professional. Parents need to understand and respect the babysitter in London that they hire. If they give her reasonable assignments and expect only childcare the nanny-parent relationship will be ideal.

Find a nanny in London for all age groups

find a nanny in London UKYou can now find a nanny in London for your new-born, infant, toddler, pre-schooler, grade-schooler or teen. All age groups are welcome and we can offer overnight stays while you are away as well. Connecting Services offers childcare specialised for different stages of your baby's life. Some professionals are more comfortable with toddlers and older kids, others are best with new-borns and prefer taking care of them instead. Thus, it is very individual to the sitter whether they have more experience and qualifications with infants or older kids.

Responsibilities of a babysitter in London

A babysitter in London is trained to provide the best care for your child as well as help with the healthy development. Taking care of a baby is not only about preparing healthy meals, playing and putting to sleep. A professional will do much more for the healthy development of your child no matter the age group. Responsibilities of a babysitter in London include tasks when they: Hire a nanny in London UK
  • prepare healthy meals
  • help with homework
  • read educational books and magazines
  • play games
  • do the laundry of kids
  • shower and bath
  • put them to sleep
  • keep them safe and secure
  • take them to playgrounds, museums and theatres
  • arrange play dates with their friends
  • teach them good manners
  • be friendly
With Connecting Services you can now find a babysitter in London that will do all of those tasks and truly love your kids. We help connect parents with the right childcare professional for them. Choose the right one for you on our website in a click. Please contact us for any additional enquiries. Nanny playing with a kid London

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a part-time nanny in London?

A: To join our team of professionals you can apply on our LinkedIn page for any openings or just contact us.

Q: How do I know the sitter will approach my baby with kindness and take care of him/her properly?

A: Every babysitter in London on our database is experienced with kids. If someone is just starting to work as a childcare professional for eg students they will usually mention it on their bio. We strongly advise all customers to check the bio and ratings and reviews before booking. If the sitter is not very experienced and won't be able to calm your baby down or entertain your child we can send you another professional instead. However, you should contact us immediately for that to be arranged.

Q: Can I book a sitter for an event last minute?

A: We advise all our professionals to constantly update their working hours and their availability. If you see a sitter being available at the required time go on and book. If it is on an hour's notice we advise to contact our team so that we can check if the professional will still be able to come and arrive on time.

Q: If I have two kids could I hire a nanny in London for both of them?

A: Yes, that works perfectly fine! You can hire a nanny in London for two kids with us! If the professional is old we advise to check with them if they are capable of taking care of two kids at the same time. However, booking of one childcare provider is allowed for two kids.