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hire a model in london with lowest rates per hourHire a model in London for your new business marketing campaign with Connecting Services. We are committed to helping you build strong relationships with your clients through good PR. With a wide variety of professional and experienced models, it is easier than ever to promote your business. As part of our fully integrated service and passion for modeling, we now offer commercial and fashion models for our clients. We have a huge database of professional models, both females and males to supply your business needs. Catwalk shows, editorial, commerce, advertising, you name it, our models can do it all. Hire a model in London with us and make your life easier.

hire a model in london ukHire a model in London to impress

With our dedicated and flawless models, it has never been easier to impress your customers with you products. Now you can easily browse and select featured models from our wide selection. Simply click on the one you like most and hire a model in London fast and easy. Our experienced models provide a huge and high quality commercial and fashion photography portfolio of work. We are able to cater all types of creative briefs in one place, giving you advantage over the competitors.  

All types of event and campaign models

Connecting Services offers all different kinds of professional models. All UK models are available for bookings for events, promotions, exhibitions, commercial ads, PR videos, magazines and more. You can now easily choose the desired person for your campaign on our website. See the candidates’ experience, videos, photos, audio and more. You can easily sort the models, call them to ask for details and cast the perfect talent. Thus, we will ensure that you hire a model in London that will make the perfect campaign for your company.

Hire a model for a photoshoot in London

Whether you need some of the best models in London to represent your brand or you have a photoshoot coming up, our models are here for you. Now our professional models offer a wide range of services at incredibly low prices. You can hire a model for a photoshoot in London for the following services: how much does it cost to hire a model uk
  • Photoshoot for all kind of makeup and skincare products
  • Promotion of fashion, footwear or other type of clothing and accessories
  • Participation in commercial ads, billboards and other types of advertisement
  • Fashion showrooms
  • Commercial photography
  • Fashion video production
Hire a model in London for all the modeling services needed. For more information or queries, please visit our website here. Stay tuned for the latest trends, testimonials and more by following our Instagram and Facebook. For other types of services that have not been mentioned, please get in touch with us or our models.

Budget friendly

As always, we aim to connect you with the best service providers in London. Our models are passionate for going above and beyond to represent properly your brand. That is why, now you can hire our models for your next photoshoot or commercial advert for the lowest prices in London. Model day rates fees may vary, depending on the model and the type of service. Each model has different work experience and portfolio. Before you hire a model in London at Connecting Services check all the details of the person and their biography.

Additional services we offer

When you hire a model in London on our website we ensure you get the best rate per hour as we bypass the modelling agency. However, you need to be aware that all the additional services for the campaign need to be booked separately. Connecting Services, fortunately, has everything you might need for the perfect company promotion. You can now directly book your:

Frequently Asked Questions

how to hire a model for photoshoot london uk

Q: What services do you supply?

A: We offer a wide range of services, aiming to cater all of your business needs. From fashion show, to commercial ad, we have it all. Just speak to us or our dedicated models about the service you require and hire a model in London.

Q: Do you only work with companies in London?

A: We are solely based in London and so are our models. However, if you need our models and you are located outside of London, you will need to arrange prior to booking. Please, contact us to speak to our models before you place the order. Only after verifying that the person will be able to travel to the exact location you can hire a model in London with us.

Q: What is the process to hire a model in London with you?

A: As always, we are passionate about making your life easier. That is why our booking process is relatively easy and can be completed with some easy steps. First you will need to decide what service you will require. Then, simply head to our website, select and book your model. For more information, please visit our website.

Q: Can I join Connecting Services as a freelance model?

A: Absolutely. We are incredibly happy that you are interested in joining our wonderful team. We are always looking for friendly and passionate people to join us and share the passion of helping people with us. If you are interested in joining us as a freelance model in London, please contact us via our website or social media platforms. We would be more than happy to welcome you on board.

Q: Do I need to provide the equipment for the services I have booked?

A: Yes, you will need to provide all the equipment needed. We supply you with a freelance model but not the rest for the required campaign. You will need to provide the space for the photoshoot, the clothes and the photographer. Additionally a makeup artist and a hairdresser will ensure you get the best result. The equipment you need might vary, depending on the service as well as the budget of each individual company. Thus, we strongly advise you book each service separately. Fortunately enough, we provide all of the above listed services on our website.