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Mindfulness and meditation (Prices start from £30)

What is Mindfulness Meditation in London all about?

Mindfulness meditation in London practice aims to teach you how to slow down and free yourself from all the negativity. Additionally, it will help you calm your mind and body. This mental training practice combines mediation with mindfulness, in order to define the mental state of being fully focused. This method helps you acknowledge and accept your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness meditation in London practice stills the mind and draws attention to what is here in the present time. It helps people control their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and even relationships. This is done through working on your awareness and kindness, leading to a greater well-being.

The techniques that change it allmindfulness meditation in London

The techniques used in mindfulness meditation groups can vary. However, it normally involves deep breathing and bringing awareness to your body and mind. Independently whichever techniques are being used, our trained expert in mindfulness meditation groups will help you achieve that inner peace, judgement-free.

The good experience without spending extra

Most of the similar practices require some extra money, whether it is for essential oils, special lamps, maps, candles. One of the best things about mindfulness meditation groups practice is that all you need is some free time and a place to sit in. You absolutely do not need to spend any money on these extra things, unless you want them involved and enjoy them. Also, this practice does not require a lot of time, 5 to 10 minutes per day of mindfulness meditation in London at your own space can be enough.

Types of mindfulness meditation groups

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Mindfulness meditation groups come in many types of practices and techniques. Each one of them can have different benefits for you and your mind. Some of our most popular mindfulness meditation groups or alternative medicine include Bach flower therapy and reiki healing. Our experts now offer various mindfulness meditation courses. Including body scan meditation, movement meditation and breathing space meditation.

Bach Flower Therapy

The Bach Flower Therapy is a safe and natural method of healing. It was discovered by Dr. Bach in England. The healing method aims to gently restore the balance between the mind and the body by casting out the negative feelings and emotions. The system intends to treat more the person, rather than the disease. This method of healing is based on that Dr Bach's belief that everyone should help themselves, in order to find inner harmony and cure themselves. Nowadays, it is considered that there are more than 38 remedies in the Bach healing system.

mindfulness meditation groups

The healing process is confirmed to have positive effects. These effects can be reflected in the feeling of peace, awareness and a noticeable decrease in negative emotions. Sometimes, depending on the individual' healing process and pace, the effect of the treatment can be felt immediately. To learn more, please visit our website, Instagram or Facebook. To book your practice with Connecting Services, please click this link.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a popular and well-known Japanese technique that relieves stress and helps you relax. It also promotes healing. The treatment feels like a fantastic glowing radiance that treats the whole person and the spirit. Alongside the spirit, the body, the emotions and the mind create altogether a number of beneficial effects. Some of the effects include feeling of peace, security, better wellbeing and healthier mind. The simplicity of the technique makes it easy to use for everyone, as it is not dependent on the intellectual capacity or development. Additionally, this type of mindfulness meditation in London is not associated with any religion or dogma, so it can be used by anyone anywhere. Whatever type of healing system or technique you need or choose, our experienced and well-trained experts will help you achieve inner peace and a healthier version of you. Our service providers are passionate and dedicated to helping you reduce the stress and clean up your body and mind naturally. guided meditation London

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I feel uncomfortable in mixed sessions. Do your service providers offer women-only services?

A: Yes, they do. Our mindfulness meditation experts aim to accommodate every type of need. That is why they are now offering women-only sessions.

Q: I am not sure what type of healing system of practice I need. How can I figure out which one is for me?

A: There are a few options for you to figure out what type of practice or healing system you need. You might want to speak to our service providers and consult with them on the particular goals you want to achieve. Another option we recommend is looking at our website. You will find plenty of useful content and articles on mindfulness meditation groups.

Q: Do your service providers offer online sessions?

A: Yes, we do offer online sessions. These types of sessions are recommended for people that want to save the hustle of commuting, money and time. Additionally, it is often more comfortable for both our experts and the clients.

Q: Do I need to reside in London to book your mindfulness meditation sessions or courses?

A: Although our service providers are located in London and we mainly cater for the London area, there might be some exceptions. You do not necessarily need to be in London, in order to book our online sessions. However, we encourage you to speak to our service providers directly before booking.

Q: Could I call a professional to my house to do the guided meditation in London?

A: Yes, guided meditation in London can be booked for at home visits. Our therapists are highly qualified and well experienced to provide private mindfulness meditation groups at ease in your home. So, visit us to choose the certified trainer near you to find out for yourself what awareness and stress relief feel like.

Q: How many people are usually in the mindfulness meditation groups?

A: The mindfulness meditation groups are usually very small. That is essential for a good result even after your first session. The less people in the group the better you can focus on your meditation. A personal approach of our experts is the main reason why we prefer doing sessions for less people. Some of the groups might only have two people.