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Massage therapist (Prices start from £35)

Find a Massage Therapist in London

Find a massage therapist in London for at home luxury beauty service. Our freelance massage therapists are both male and female and offer different types of massage therapy. At Connecting Services we care about the customer's experience and satisfaction. That is why we have the ratings and reviews for each one of our service providers. You can check the one you like and hire a massage therapist in London with us in just a click. We offer the best mobile massage sessions at home with the lowest prices on the market. Furthermore, all professionals have high standards of therapy training and an NQV level 2 or 3 minimum. Freelance massage therapists in London

Why and how to choose a mobile massage therapist?

Our mobile massage therapists are endorsed to the highest levels in several techniques. These services are mainly for stress, physical recovery or a long day at work. The high standards of soft tissue therapies will ensure you get the best personal care at home. Our therapist's mobile massage services have helped thousands of customers relax in the warmth of their own home. This is perfect for clients who are either unable to visit a Massage Clinic or find it more comfortable to have therapy at their own home. Old or convalescing people could find this to be a very helpful option. Additionally, parents of young children who do not have baby care might find it more convenient to hire a massage therapist in London for at home services. With our high standards of massage therapy techniques you will be able to relax and enjoy every minute of the treatment.

Which types of massage therapy do we offer?

mobile Massage therapist near me Our skillful therapists can do different types of massage therapy. For example, a Swedish, Deep Tissue, Indian, Thai, Organic Glow Massage, Pregnancy, Sports Massage, Hot Stone / Lava Shells, Couple, Aromatherapy, Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Calming/Relaxing lavender treatment etc. They will also deliver spa-quality, full-body massages for ultimate relaxation at home. If you are unsure about how to find a massage therapist in London to tackle your problems and relieve stress read our guide on the different types of massage below.

Sports massage

Sports massage uk londonSports massage can assist with tending to injury, aid exercise/race recuperation and further develop body mindfulness. Additionally, it may incorporate stretches to relieve all the tension in your muscles. This type of treatment is usually prescribed to professional sportsmen or to any person just after an intense workout. A sports massage will focus mainly on your muscles and soft tissue. This will help you recuperate and regain strength for future workouts as well as preserve the body in a good shape. Our massage therapist in London will work with any kind of sports injuries and tend to deliver the best soft tissue therapies' results.

Swedish Relaxing Massage

Swedish Massage – long, moderate, delicate strokes utilizing rub oil on the skin to make both your body and brain feel relaxed. A classic full body treatment tailored to your requirements. Our visiting massage therapist will ensure total relaxation and improve your blood circulation by using a series of targeted techniques and soft tissue therapies. The mobile Swedish massage ensures you enjoy the post-treatment period at the comfort of your own home. No need to dress up and spend time getting back home. You can sit and relax further with a cup of warm tea after the departure of our at home massage therapist. Medical and therapeutic massage in london

Medical and Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage has proven to be effective in healing chronic body ache and back pain. Many people feel stressed due to various problems at work or at home. Some of these issues can even result in chronic diseases such as arthritis or fibromyalgia syndrome. Medical massage mobile therapist in London   Our mobile massage therapists can make you feel refreshed and relaxed with our medical massage treatment. Additionally, some types of therapeutic massage can help us treat the constant body aches and improve the coarse of your disease. Studies have shown that a medical massage can reduce stress, back pain and muscle tension. People suffering from anxiety, fibromyalgia, insomnia, muscle tension, sports injuries and headaches can get a relief after every session of a medical or therapeutic massage.

Indian Massage Therapy

Looking for the best local full body Indian massage specialists in London? We can surely help. Connecting Services has skilled and experienced freelance massage therapists, fully qualified in Indian full body massage or Abhyanga as otherwise known. Abhyanga is the most popular treatment in Ayurveda, a traditional kind of medicine from India. It is usually done with essential herb infused warm oils which are applied from the head till the toes. Indian mobile massage in LondonThe Indian full body massage treats your legs, feet, back, shoulders, arms and hands. Additionally, the mobile massage therapist will use special techniques for your head and face to help you completely relax. Some of our freelance massage therapists offer exclusively the Indian head massage and not the full body. You can definitely find your perfect at home massage therapist in London with us and choose the service that fits mostly your needs. Please contact us or book directly your preferred types of massage therapy.

Thai Massage

Thai massage therapy in London book onlineThai massage - a traditional therapy combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures. This type of massage is used with Thai medicine because it is known for its healing practice both at physical and emotional level. This massage will leave you relaxed and healed. The treatment covers shoulders, neck and back pain mainly. A Thai massage therapist in London will know how to stretch you out to increase your flexibility level. Our mobile massage therapists combine deep tissue with acupressure. During the process they move your body into yoga-like stretches. The gentle pressure and stretching techniques ensure a full body relaxation. Additionally, a Thai massage can also be incredibly beneficial for your mental and physical health. Thus, it is one of the most popular types of soft tissue therapies.

deep tissue massage in London at homeDeep Tissue Massage

When thinking of back pain everyone wants a deep tissue massage treatment. Not surprised as it specifically focuses on the areas of the body that require deep rubbing and soft squeezing. Firm pressure applied by our at home massage therapist will ensure you relieve all the aches and pain.  Additionally, by using slow strokes the deep layers of tissue and muscles will be reached and healed. After a deep tissue massage you will feel relaxed and released of all the tension. It can be prescribed in line with a sports massage as an additional treatment. Many customers after sports injuries feel a great amount of tension in their muscles and soft tissue. Thus, all kinds of soft tissue therapies will help you recuperate and feel better for future workouts. You can now indulge in a deep tissue massage experience with our freelance massage therapist and the lowest prices on the market.

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage has become more popular nowadays with both pregnant women and those who just want to tone their body. Our massage therapist in London will use techniques from both lymphatic drainage and modelling massages. This combination will ensure we reduce cellulite, bloating and stubborn fat amongst other health benefits. Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy London UK The lymphatic system needs a professional massage therapist in London to pump all the built-up fluid out of the body. Our human bodies accumulate constantly liquid inside and this leads to bloating, reduced blood circulation, inflammation and tiredness. Thus, the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage focusses specifically on the reduction of liquids and fluids. This ensures the client stays healthy, inflammation and puffiness free. You can now hire a massage therapist in London for your one hour session of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage at the comfort of your house. The treatment is exclusively 100% manual and does not involve any machinery or devices. Thus, it can be performed anywhere with no need for a massage bed or any other specific facilities.

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy is a crucial addition to your healthy routine. Many customers incorporate it into their sports sessions, others prefer to have the treatments in the evenings for relaxation purposes. There are so many reasons to hire a massage therapist in London and so many benefits you can get from those treatments. To list a few:
  • Deal with stress
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Increase metabolism
  • Deal with constipation
  • Boost your immune system
  • Weight loss
  • Better digestion
  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Release tension in the muscles and body
  • Reduce water retention and puffiness
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Tone up the body
  • Help with hormonal imbalance
Find a massage therapist in London that will cater to your needs and be available at the required times. You can now choose any service provider with Connecting Services and book them in advance or last minute. Please contact us for any inquiries and information. Treat yourself like never before and book our health professional massage therapist in London. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy your massage. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our most recent services by clicking the following link.


Q: Do I need to prepare anything before the arrival of the mobile massage therapist?

A: No, the customer does not need to do anything specific. Our at home massage therapists in London bring a whole selection of essential oils and creams, towels and relaxing music if requested. Taking a hot shower prior to your massage treatment may increase the effect of the massage as your body will be warmed up already. This will help you enjoy the massage therapy to the fullest and relax. You should have in mind some space in your home for the massage treatment that is warm and quiet. If the freelance massage therapist in London mentions that he/she comes with a bed then you should find some space for the massage bed to fit in. The massage beds are usually 6ft long and 2ft wide. If you have any further questions please contact us here.

Q: Does every massage therapist in London bring a professional bed for the treatment?

A: Every individual massage therapist in London, UK decides whether he wants to travel with a portable massage bed or no. Some at home massage therapists bring a special mat, others the massage bed and some could do the massage therapy on the bed (very common for anti-cellulite massage and anti-inflammatory massages). Each professional massage therapist in London has his own technique. They know how to make you relax, get rid of cellulite, release tension, moisturize and pamper your skin to make it glow and much more. Consequently, you need to check in the bio whether the specific massage therapist you chose brings a bed or does not.

Q: Can I book different massage therapists at the same time and day for me and my husband/wife?

A: You can book as many freelance massage therapists in Central London as you want. However, you should check whether the mobile masseuse is available for your preferred time and day. Our client base is full of couples who book sessions together at the same time.

Q: Is being naked allowed during the treatment?

A: No, completely naked customers are not allowed. You have to wear your underwear. For women, when a massage is performed on their back the bra can be unzipped for increased relaxation and stress relief. You should be able to relax completely during a treatment so we do allow women to take their bra off. If you still have doubts about the dress code and the procedure please leave us a message here.

Q: Can I choose my own music playlist?

A: Every massage professional comes prepared with music, essential oils and towels. It is usually advisable to follow with the recommendations of the therapist. However, if you wish to use your own playlist you are free to do so. Just ask your massage therapist in London to connect to your playlist and play it. Many people from our client list choose their own music and sometimes even massage oils for the treatments. Feel free to speak about your preferences with us.

Q: How can I book a massage therapist in London with Connecting Services?

A: You can scroll through the list of our service providers to find a massage therapist in London that suits your budget and needs. Just click on the chosen profile, scroll down the page and pick the service to book.

Q: Are your therapists certified and experienced?

A: Yes, our massage therapists have an NQV minimum Level 2 or Level 3 Massage Qualification. Additionally, they will follow all the necessary high standards of hygiene. All our service providers attach their certificates on their profile. If you cannot find the documents do contact us and we can send them over to you. We strongly advise you to check always the experience, biography and certificates of every registered freelance massage therapist in London.

Q: How can I become a freelance massage therapist in London at Connecting Services?

A: If you want to join us as a massage therapist in London, you can sign up to apply. Otherwise, you can send us a message on our LinkedIn page. We encourage all professionals to apply directly and call us for any enquiries.

Q: How many sessions of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage do I need to see visible results?

A: Usually Connecting Services advises to book initially one treatment to check whether you like the particular service provider. However, with the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage you will only have visible results after a couple of treatments. Thus, we suggest you book at least 2+ sessions in a row with our massage therapist in London. Although results vary from body to body, improvements are usually both instant as well as progressive over time.

Q: I need to find a massage therapist in London who is available for weekends. Do you provide service providers every weekend and on holidays?

A: You can now find a massage therapist in London who is available not only weekdays but every weekend as well. It is individual to every professional registered with us and you need to check their listed times and days separately. However, if you find a massage therapy provider that you really like and weekends are not available for bookings, please contact us directly and we can arrange the booking on weekends.

Q: Does the massage therapist in London cost includes the travel expenses?

A: Yes, the massage therapist in London cost includes all travel expenses. Thus, a service provider should not ask for any additional payment. Should you wish to leave tips, this is encouraged by Connecting Services but totally up to the customer. Please contact us directly in case the location is far away and the worker actually asks in advance for a price change.

Q: I want to hire a massage therapist in London for my baby. Do you provide baby massage therapy services?

A: Yes, baby massage therapy services can be arranged. You can hire a massage therapist in London with us for your child of any age group. Please, contact us directly to arrange a professional who has a focus on babies and the required experience and qualifications.