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Handyman (Prices start from £15)

Our handyman in London help you maintain your home, regardless of its size or what needs to be done. Our trained set of experts make life easy for our residents and clients located across London. Connecting Services provides unbeatable handyman services 24/7. moreover, our local handyman offer a variety of services in London at an incredibly low price, from only £15! Handyman in London

Book a handyman in London

Find a handyman in London that knows what to do and at low price. Hire your handyman that saves you time and money, because our experts provide the needed tools to accomplish everything on your to-do list. Our handymen are reliable and experienced in their work and can provide you with an easy fix of your home.

Make your home look like new with our handyman

Whether you want a new with décor, modern wall papers, better and more sustainable insulation, a stylish plasterboard or some minor wall repair, book our handyman to help you solve all of your problems and make your house look like brand new! Handyman in London low cost

What service do you need?

Do you feel a bit confused what type of repair your home needs? Our handymen offer a variety of services, from quick wall fixes to a complete change of your decor.


Home decor has become a key way of expressing how we feel and live. A properly and stylishly decorated home can help reduce stress levels, make you feel more relaxed, help you with insomnia and so much more. A beautiful home decor can also affect self-perception, confidence and productivity. Decorations are life-enhancing, relaxing, and make your home feel more hospitable and charming That is why decorations should be used carefully and repairs should be performed by an experienced handyman that can ensure proper service. find a Handyman London

Wall paper and painting

Wall paper changing or fixing, alongside painting is often considered a huge part of the decor of every household (and most establishments). Painting has many advantages, especially the direct painting on the wall. One of the reasons is that walls are textured and give a better evaluation of the color and sheen of the finish. Also, our handyman in London use professional high quality paint, so the best possible quality and finish can be ensured. Wall paper changing is a time consuming and extremely difficult thing to do on your own. Luckily, you can find an hire an experienced local handyman in London to help you deal with this quickly, while saving you all the hustle and bustle. All of this from only £15! local Handyman in London

Insulation, why do we need it in our homes?

Insulation is used to reduce heat loss or heat gain by providing a barrier between the inside of your property and the temperature outside. This barrier that is being created can significantly impact the the different temperature outside, eg. keeping your home warm when it is cold inside and vice versa. Home insulation can drastically reduce energy consumption in your house. This method is also known to be the most effective way to keep your house cool in the summer periods and warmer in the winter period. Our local handyman in London can help you fix the air leakage in your home at impressively low rates, starting from only £15.


Plasterboard, also called drywall, is gypsum sandwiched between layers of paper which are chemically and physically bonded to it. Plasterboards come in various types, as each one of them has a specific use. For example, there are some plasterboards that are fire proof, sound reducing, water resistant, and so on. In case you are unsure, please speak to our service providers about the type of plasterboard you will need. London Handyman day rate For more information on local handyman in London day rates, please click here. To learn more about the services we provide and our rates click the links to our Instagram, Facebook and website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your handymen in London experienced?

A: Yes, our local handyman in London are experienced in their field. You can read the bio of every professional and check their previous experience.

Q: How long will it take to have my whole decor replaced?

A: It depends on the services that have to be done and the handyman. You will need to speak to our handyman in London when booking, so that they are aware of the nature of the service they will be providing you. You will definitely need to consider the precise location, what exactly needs to be done, as well as the size of the house or property.

Q: I am unsure of what type of plasterboard I need. Can your local handyman in London help me?

A: Certainly they can. Just make sure you speak to our local handyman in London directly about what type of room the plasterboard needs to be attached in.

Q: Do I need to prepare any special equipment for the service?

A: Every handyman in London we operate with is a professionally trained & experienced person. They come to your home with all the equipment and aim to finish each task as quickly and efficiently as possible.