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Discover our hairdresser in London

hairdresser in londonOur hairdressers are passionate about making you feel special, every day, for any occasion, at the comfort of your home. Now our hairdresser in London service offers a wide selection of quality treatments and bring the salon to your home.

A huge selection of services

From full hair colors to highlights and a hair cut, it has never been easier to achieve your desired look at home. Our hair experts are here to do their best to make you feel and look special, at the lowest rates across London. Our hairdresser in London provides you with the latest haircut trends and most up-to-date looks too. mobile hairdresser in london

The right service for you

Our hairdressers excel at dealing with any hair problems and help you discover the full potential of your hair. Some of the many services include a haircut, hair straightening, spa, smoothing and mask application treatment, balayage, hair coloring, blow dry, and more.

Haircuts done by professionals

A good, stylish, and timely haircut is something crucial to rock any look. To have a proper and nicely looking hairstyle you need a good base - a high quality haircut. With haircuts ranging from short, medium and long styles. Our affordable hairdresser in London is here to give you the ultimate look, while saving you time and the money for commuting to the salon. Our top hairdresser in London offers a wide range of haircut styles. All you need to do is choose between our exclusive variety of haircuts and book a stylist by clicking the link.

A balayage with the perfect techniques

top hairdresser in london Balayage is a word with a French origin and means 'sweeping'. It is a technique that uses hand-free painting highlights onto the hair, and creates a soft and natural gradation of lightness toward the ends. The technique is extremely naturally looking, with a fresh effect and the look of hours spent on the beach. Balayage is appropriate and used by all hair shades and colors. Due to the customized and natural looking placement of the hair, while being highlighted, it has become highly popular. Especially the variations in the  application preferences and processes contribute to the wonderful result of the look. For more information, visit and follow our Instagram and Facebook page.

Blow dry done right

Blow drying is one of these hair treatments and hairstyle processes that tend to be highly underestimated. However, blow drying is a process that can be really beneficial for your hair, if done the right way. The process requires some specific techniques and products, and our experienced hairdresser in London do know how to do it right. Our hairdresser in London uses professional hair-dryer and a treatment that is specifically targeting your needs and hair problems. So that the process can be even more beneficial for you.

Hair colors that last longer

Whether you want to embrace your natural hair color or you want to experiment with more unusual and avantgarde looks, our home hairdressers in London will help you out. Our professional at home hairdresser in London not only bring your wanted colors to life, but also help you pick the best brand and shade. All of this in the comfort of your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best way to communicate the styling and color preferences?

A: Photos and videos are a great way to show your mobile hairdresser in London your desired look. Especially if the look you are going for is new or if you have never used that hairdresser.

Q: What are the best questions to ask my mobile hairdresser in London, so I can make sure my expectations are clear?

A:  A good and open discussion before your booking or appointment can be extremely beneficial both for you and the hairstylist. During or prior the consultation, please feel free to ask any possible questions you might have. That is vital, so you can have clear expectations and you receive the best service possible. Our home hairdresser in London is ready to answer all the questions you might have. Just ask!

Q: How do I book my appointments?

A: Our booking system is really simple and easy to use. Just click the link, choose your preferred stylist, and enjoy a nice look.

Q: Will I be booked in with a unexperienced hairstylist?

A: We, at Connecting Services. only work with professionals that are qualified and experienced in their job. You can check the certificate of every professional on their account. In case you cannot find it do reach out to us and we will help straight away.

Q: I have tinning hair and I am not sure if I should do a balayage. Can you help me out?

A: Balayage is usually a safe technique, especially if done professionally and with professional products. However, we would advise you to speak to our mobile hairdresser in London prior receiving your service.

Q: Do your mobile hairdresser in London do home visits?

A: Absolutely. Our hairstylists are passionate about you receiving the best service at the comfort of your home. That is why our stylists offer their services at your home. at home hairdresser in london

Q: Why should I go for a home hairdresser over a walk-in hairdresser?

A: By using our home hairdresser in London, you save time and money, because you are saving the commute from and to the salon. You still receive the same (or even higher quality service) for less money. Not to mention that with the pandemic going on, it is much safer to stay in and enjoy a treat.

Q: Do you offer haircuts for men, women and kids?

A: Our hair experts accommodate every type of client's needs, so yes. However, we would still advise you to speak to our stylists before or while booking.