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Electrician (Prices start from £15)

Hire an electrician in London

Find the best qualified electrician in London. Connecting Services provides 24/7 emergency local electrician maintenance. You can check the costs and hire an electrician in London in a click with the lowest prices on the market. Our local domestic professional electricians will ensure everything is done properly in your apartment,  house or estate. The service is provided on an hourly rate but could be negotiated for daily rates as well. No additional fees will be charged for the work. You only pay whatever price is stated on the website.  electrician in LondonElectricians are a key part of each home and any type of property in general, from problems with the lamp to power cuts, electricians are an essential part of our life. From Connecting Services we realize the importance of these types of services, that is why we got you covered on that one too!

Why hiring a professional emergency electrician is important?

It is very dangerous to touch defective wires or unmaintained power systems. If you try to fix these problems by yourself you can get hurt, electrical shocks are a possibility, fires and much more damages. Hence, we recommend to hire a professional electrician in London to take care of everything electric related. However, we strongly recommend you hire an electrician in London to do regular check ups of your appliances and wires. That is to ensure your real estate is kept safe and effectively operating.

When do you need to hire a qualified emergency or maintenance electrician?

If you have any of these problems at home or in your office:
  • electrician in Londonwires that are out of function
  • electrical power system fault
  • intercom is out of service
  • circuit breaker needs a repair
  • electric boiler repair
  • installation of new lights and lamps
  • electrical outlets installations
  • lights are flickering often
  • electrical panel upgrade and repair
  • running new lines
  • swapping old outlets
  • emergency electrical situations
  • sockets do not work
  • lights are not working
  • broken or damaged sockets
  • electrical burning smell
  • RCD keeps tripping
  • fuse keeps blowing
  • electric shower problems
  • post flood and water damaged electrics
Our dedicated and professional electrician in London offer a variety of other services as well. In case the service you require is not listed above, please speak to your chosen electrician. They will be more than happy to help you, plus at the lowest rate in London.

Electrician in London

Our team of qualified electrician in London is fully trained and have the right expertise in dealing with these type of problems. But, you should keep in mind that you do not need an electrician only when a problem happens. But you also need him to maintain the electrical system of any building that you live or work in. In other words, you should check your electrical systems in your house and in your business on a regular basis. This is necessary in order to be sure nothing goes wrong unexpectedly. We have got you covered in all cases! Choose one of our electricians to get the work done and save yourself the worries about electrical problems anymore! You are just one click away from fixing your electrical problems and keeping your electrical systems in check. Book you favorite local electrician now by clicking the link.

Find an electrician in London that will solve all of your electrical problems

Our local electrician in London offer all kind of domestic and commercial installations and repairs.

Installations of electrical devices include, but is not limited to:

  • Electrician in Londonsmoke alarms
  • lights
  • electrical heaters
  • wall mounted electrical heaters
  • TV mounting
  • doorbells
  • sockets and switches
  • extractor fans
  • security lights
  • outdoor sockets
  • fuse boxes
  • electrical boiler parts such as elements for heating
  • electrical music audio system

Emergency electrical repairs

Emergency electrician London UK, lamp fitting/installation

  • flooded with water and damaged electrical devices with a risk of causing a fire or electrical shock
  • burglar alarm does not go off
  • RCD keeps tripping
  • fuse keeps blowing
  • broken or damaged sockets which are not working
  • lights are not working continuously
  • emergency repair of faulty or tripping circuits

Non-emergency electrical services and repairselectrician london day rate

  • electrical underfloor heating repairs
  • full house or apartment electric rewiring
  • storage heater repairs
  • landlords electrical safety certificates
  • security light fitting
  • electrical fault finding
  • sockets and switches inspections and checking
  • light switches repair and installation
  • PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) test certificate and inspection
  • dimmer switches repair and installation
Whether you require any of the above-mentioned services, or anything else, our dedicated electrician in London is here to help. For more information, please visit our website. And for more insights and to see what our clients say about us, visit our Facebook and Instagram.

Electrician in London: cost per hour

Best electrician Central London lowest prices per hour

An electrician in London usually charges the customer a high cost per hour for the job and the service required. It can get as high as over £80/per hour even because the company providing you with the electrician has their own marketing and materials costs. The actual worker will only get a fraction of what the customer pays per hour for the job. That is why, at Connecting Services we aim to provide the cheapest rates for electrician in London. With the direct link between customer and worker we minimize all the extra costs that would come in between. Our electrician's set daily and hourly rates and prices tend to be the cheapest on the market at the moment. Do contact us for any inquiries about electrician daily or hourly fees.

The electrician in London that stands out

Apart from the incredibly cheap rates we offer, our team of experienced electrician in London are fully capable of offering you all sort of services. Whatever service you require our professional electricians know how to deal with each problem. Independently if you just need a bulb replacement or a brand new electrical system installed, our electrician in London can do it all. But what makes our electricians stand out is the passion and commitment. Because we select only the most experienced electricians among London, we are able to guarantee the best service. High quality services at the lowest rates. Professionally done work, to ensure the safe, effective, and efficient operation of your establishment.

Why choose Connecting Services?

Now you can book an electrician anytime you want, for anything you need. We offer low rates on a variety of services from handymen to cleaning services or even nannies for your kids. Simply choose the one you require or hire an electrician in London now. All sorted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does an electrician in London charge per hour and where to find a cheap electrician in London?

A: Every electrician agency in London has different prices and hourly rates but they mostly vary between £60/hour to £80/hour. This price does not include the cost of materials or tools used by the electrician. In case you need a new cable installed or a new socket, every electrician agency and company will charge you additionally for those materials. Mostly electricians in London charge hourly rates and not a pre-defined fee for the work done. Here, at Connecting Services we offer a direct link customer to your local professional electrician. You can find the cheapest electrician in London at Connecting Services. That is why our prices start from only £15/hour, the cheapest rates in the UK! The lowest prices and hourly/daily rates on the London market for certified and fully qualified electricians and handyman.

Q: Does the electrician bring his own equipment?

A: Yes, all our professional electricians bring the basic necessities for small electrical jobs. If you need specific equipment, please contact us in advance to arrange for your local electrician to come with the required equipment. When installing special devices such as lamps, lights or sockets for eg. the customer is liable to purchase all of that.

Q: Do you provide 24/7 emergency professional and fully qualified electricians in London?

A: Yes, we do have certified electricians who can come anytime of the day! The 24/7 electricians in London operate every day of the week. Please, look through our available electricians and book the ones that are willing to come night shifts as well! All our professional electricians are independent workers and they decide their operating hours. Thus, it is all individual to each person. If you cannot find an electrician to be available 24/7, please do contact us and we will assist instantly!

Q: How much do the electricians charge?

A: The rates start from only £15. Connecting Services is committed to deliver the best services at the cheapest rates in Central London. Some rates may vary, depending on the service required and the price per hour our certified electricians decide to charge. Every freelance electrician in London decides for himself the rates they are willing to offer per hour/per day or per work done.

Q: Are all of your electricians certified?

A: Yes, they are! They are not only certified, but also experts in their work. All certified electricians in London attach their certificates on their profiles. In case you cannot find it do let us know and we will request from the certified electrician to update their profile immediately.

Q: How can I become part of Connecting Services team of freelance electricians in London?

A: If you want to join Connecting Services in London, you can sign up to apply. Otherwise, you can message us on our LinkedIn page.