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Elderly care (Prices start from £10)

Hire a Nanny for Elderly Care in London

hire a nanny for elderly care in londonOur services make it easy to find a caring nanny for elderly care in London. Connecting Services helps you provide a companion to your loved ones when they need that extra attention. A professional will not only do the necessary requirements of the job but also build a trustful relationship with the customer. Thus, helping to bring purpose back into their lives and enjoy their time. You can hire a nanny for elderly care in London for both full-time and part-time with us. It is important to have the same person taking care of you on a regular basis. Thus, we would advise to book the same person every time. Find a nanny for your elderly loved ones today by simply calling us to book your elderly care assistant near you. nanny for elderly care London

Elderly care in London for all age groups

We, at Connecting Services, provide alternative home care assistance and elderly care in London for all ages. The majority of our customers is usually the elderly. However, anyone in need of a little guidance to get back on their feet after an accident or sickness is welcome to book. Additionally, we offer care for disabled people of any age.

Services our nannies for the elderly offer

find a nanny for elderly london

Our friendly, committed, and assigned carers are specially trained to support clients. In addition, they help them remain as independent as possible in the places they know and love. Our professionals provide one-to-one care to make it more personal and exclusive. These well-experienced supporters guide people of all ages that need to regain their skills and confidence. We believe in having good relationships with our clients and will try to do our best to make all of them comfortable and happy. hire a nanny in London elderly careFurthermore, care assistants provide the following kind of services to help you get around your home and do the day to day chores:
  • getting in and out of bed
  • bathing and washing
  • preparing meals
  • cleaning
  • fitting equipment and adaptations to your homes, such as stairlifts and bath seats
  • going to a day centre
  • getting your essentials at the grocery store or pharmacy
Well, we understand that home is where you feel the most comfortable. If you want to continue living conveniently at your own place you can do that with our help! Don't worry about any chores you need to do on a daily basis. We have got you covered with all of these issues. Just relax and enjoy the company of our home care assistant. 

Elderly care: cost in London

Elderly care: cost in London

Our services provide a variety of options for you to find the perfect nanny for elderly care in London. The prices of residential care can range from £50 to £120 per day. The actual price depends on the number of hours required and the additional services being requested. Overnight stays for elderly care are ranging from £ 100 to £180 per day approximately. This cost can amount up to £1000 per week. Our range of services also includes domiciliary care which could be a better option for you if the care recipient can be left alone some hours per day. This type of elderly care costs around £10-£15 per hour. The most popular service is the overnight nanny for elderly care. This is because most of the customers are unable to do the daily chores on their own. Additionally, they simply cannot prepare food, clean the house or even shower by themselves. Thus, a full time elderly care nanny is a good solution for your loved one. The average cost of a live-in elderly care nanny in London is around £12-£18 per hour. They will provide full-time 1-to-1 care and do all the necessary work to make the customer as comfortable as possible at their own house and space. You can hire a nanny for elderly care in London directly through our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I book a nanny for elderly care for my friend or only for a relative?

A: Yes, you can hire a nanny for elderly care in London for any person you like. That is true if only you have their consent. Otherwise, there are no restrictions in the kind of customers we accept.

Q: How can I apply to work as an elderly care nanny at Connecting Services?

A: You can apply by following this link or by messaging us on our Linkedin or Facebook pages.