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Delivery (Prices start from £10)

Do you need a delivery hire in London service or to send a parcel? Then you are on the right place. Connecting Services offers a wide range of shipping and delivery in London services to suit your needs. You can trust our courier service providers to deliver your parcels safely. Our dedicated team remits every parcel with care. It does not matter if you want to deliver food, furniture, clothes, gifts, grocery or medicine you can always choose us for a safe delivery. delivery hire in london

Find your delivery hire in London

Save hours of your time and money by hiring our home delivery hire in London service. Pick from a wide selection of drivers and services available to suit your particular needs. Simply choose your delivery service provider and book the date and time slot that suit you. Straight from the pick up point to your chosen address. To book click the following link.

Delivery hire available across London

delivery hire in london uk

Our pick up points cover the whole city. We have pick up and delivery stations pretty much all over London, so you can enjoy a stress free delivery. Thanks to our dedicated drivers who are passionate about helping you out, it is now possible to deliver everything you need. From groceries, to furniture and special gifts. We have got you covered, independently of what you might need.

We help you move to a new apartment

courier delivery hire in london ukEveryone has a lot of belongings, from furniture to clothes and flower pots. We accumulate our personal possessions over the course of our life and bring it everywhere. Moreover, we buy and sell different stuff as well as get attached to it. Thus, a committed delivery hire in London service is a necessary requirement for all of us when we move flats. Our professional delivery experts will come with their truck, load everything on it and deliver to your desired destination. At Connecting Services the delivery hire in London professionals do everything on time, safely, efficiently and for the lowest prices across London. We love making moving and delivering easier for you.

Deliver whatever you need

We love helping you with whatever you need to do or deliver. Now with our delivery hire in London service we help you with a number of things. Including house removals, furniture and large items delivery, car transport, piano and musical instrument delivery, van services and many more. Just speak to our service providers to arrange the required truck and measure the dimensions of your transferable item. If the piece of furniture is very large you might need to call us and arrange extra people to help us with the loading and unloading of the truck. Alternatively, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information. We guarantee you will get the best service in London for the lowest rates per hour. Our aim is always to provide bespoke service, without hidden fees and the cheapest delivery hires in London. Plus, you get customized service, a delivery driver and a vehicle that suits your personal needs. Book now to enjoy expert delivery courier services. shipping and delivery london uk

How delivery hire in London works

Finding an affordable and secure courier or transfer service can be tricky and challenging. That is why we made our delivery hire in London pretty simple and straightforward. As we love saving you the hustle, time and money the process of booking is simplified. Just go to our website, choose a delivery driver, based on your needs, availability & budget and book directly. Our professional delivery hires will do the rest for you. Whether you're moving a small item to a nearby city or have the challenging task of moving heavy and large things we are here to help. Connecting Services offers professional and affordable courier services for both delivery or collection. All of the professionals listed on the website are constantly on the go and will try to accommodate your requirements as soon as they receive the booking. Contact any of the courier providers from our site to get the best courier services near you in London. Don't wait for tomorrow, get on the phone and ring our delivery professional to send your parcel safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What times and days are available for the courier service in London?

A: Any time slots are available, based on your needs and the delivery hire you select. Our services operate pretty much 7 days a week. Check every professional's profile and the listed times of availability. You can use our website filter in search as well to select straight away the time and day you desire. If you need any further assistance, please contact us directly.

Q: Can you do deliveries or pick up from outside of London?

A: Although we are mainly operating in London, our service providers might be able to deliver or pick up from other places out of London. However, we encourage you to speak to our delivery hire in London experts first, before booking. Thus, you can avoid any misunderstandings and inconvenience.

Q: Can I book for the same day?

A: Whereas pick up is available 24/7 and can be booked at any time, you are encouraged to book as early as possible. That is because your selected delivery hire might not be able to book you in for the time slot you need. So, please try to book as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

Q: I have provided the wrong address. Can I change it after I have made the booking for delivery hire in London?

A: For the delivery hire in London service to be fast and efficient we require from our customers the correct details. Situations like this happen a lot. Although we encourage you to be as careful as possible, in case that happens do inform us straight away. Alternatively, call the driver as soon as possible if you have the number.

Q: How can I become a London delivery professional at Connecting Services?

A: You can sign up directly on our website to apply. Additionally, you can message us on our LinkedIn page  if you have any other questions.