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Cleaning services near me in London, UK (prices from £9.50)

The cleaning services in London that you need

Best professional cleaning services in London with cleaners across the whole London for the lowest price per hour. Our experts in hygiene offer both domestic and office cleaning services. All cleaning services near me include professional deep cleaning for your house or any residential flat,  apartment, or any other building. Our cleaning services in London include commercial office deep cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning service. Get the cleaning work done for you for the lowest rates available across London.

Find a cleaner in London to serve all your needs

Find a cleaner in London to suit your needs! You can hire a cleaner in London who speaks multiple languages. So, communication will not be an issue for you, independently of what language you speak. Our cleaning ladies in London speak some of the major European language, including:cleaning services london
  • English
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Ukrainian
  • Lithuanian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • and many more languages...
Find a cleaner in London

Hire a cleaner in London that is reliable

Hire a cleaner in London that will make you feel comfortable having around your house all day long or at your office. Our providers of cleaning services in London are reliable people that we select very carefully, so you can feel comfortable and protected. When we select our experienced cleaning lady we look into their past experience, as well as we do a careful ID documents check and references. By doing so we ensure that we provide the best cleaning services in London.

Cleaning done with communication

It is important to explain the tasks properly to the cleaner for you to get a spotless result. It is even more helpful when she understands perfectly your language. How many times did we hear customers complain that they cannot find a cleaner in London who would speak perfectly English. That is not uncommon as most cleaning services offer immigrant labour. So in order to find a cleaning service in London which will speak one (or some) of your languages you need a variety of options. Here, at Connecting Services we have plenty of cleaners in London to choose from. And with the huge selection of languages spoken, it is now easier than ever to have an effective communication with your professional provider of cleaning services in London.

Domestic Cleaning Services in London

domestic and office cleaning services london uk Whether you require weekly or fortnightly regular house cleaning service we can surely help. Our cleaners have professional training for residential and/or commercial cleaning, so your residences can be spotless clean.  We believe that having the same professional for domestic cleaning services permanently at your house is key to efficient and quality of service. Every house cleaning services in London includes deep cleaning of all surfaces and rooms. All clients may ask for additional work to be done for it to represent their dream house cleaning services in London. hire a cleaner in london uk

Cleaning services in London areas

Our cleaners cover all areas in Central London. You can find a cleaner in London with us in every region, including Chelsea London, Fulham , Mayfair, Marylebone, Paddington, Bayswater area, Soho, Green Park, Piccadilly, Covent Garden, Central London, Knightsbridge, Ealing, East London, Brixton, Shoreditch, Islington, South London, Greenwich, London Bridge, etc. In case your area is not listed above, please speak to the cleaner of your choice. The majority of our cleaners in London area are willing to travel to reach their customers for both one-off or regular residential cleaning services on a regular basis. Our cleaning service providers are passionate about helping you with your daily chores, that is why they can be hired across the whole city. Our house cleaning services in London, offered by Connecting Services are incredibly affordable. In fact, we offer the lowest rates across London. We will make sure you have proper professional flat cleaning services in London at the cheapest prices. Although some service rates may vary, depending on the service required, our rates start from only £9,50!

Commercial/Office Cleaning Service

end of tenancy cleaning service london ukConnecting Services is well equipped to deliver excellent office cleaning to any office size in London. Additionally, office and commercial premises cleaning is one of our specialties. Dedicated cleaning solutions are specifically designed for your business-specific demands. Poor commercial hygiene may not only be leading to staff becoming unwell, but it can also appeal unprofessional to the team and visitors. Our service providers support reliable solutions, so that your employees and the team can work in a tidy and healthy environment at all times. Commercial carpet cleaners, window cleaning services, sterilization, and disinfecting in commercial offices and many more are offered by our team. Our cleaning services in London can be booked in a second at the lowest prices on the market. We strive to provide the best quality office cleaning and you reviews and ratings are crucial to improve our team of professional commercial London cleaners.

Event Cleaning Service

move in cleaning service london ukWe can take the cleaning hassle away from big corporate events, brand exhibitions, weddings, or birthday parties. Moreover, Connecting Services can provide both pre-event and after event (post-event) cleaning and support with the venue set up. Therefore, we aim to always keep the platform in a wonderful shape and  condition throughout the event. Also, we offer post-event cleaning, in order to leave the place in pristine condition. To add, with many years of experience in this field of commercial and residential cleaning services, with Connecting Services, you will be in good hands for any occasion. You can choose the cleaner that suits you the most on our website for your deep cleaning service. We have cleaners who speak Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and even Hebrew. The list expands further, so if you are in doubt contact us for further assistance. What could be better than having a helper at home who knows your culture, traditions and language!

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

end of tenancy cleaners london cheap ratesEver wondered what you need to deep clean in your apartment after the lease is ending? End of tenancy cleaning services might be frustrating if you have no clue on what needs to be done. We have the full list of tasks every customer needs to be aware of in terms of end of lease cleaning services:
  • Vacuum and mop hard floors
  • Cleaning windows internally including sills and ledges
  • Deep clean the oven and microwave
  • Vacuum the dust between the windows
  • Clean and polish pictures, sculptures and mirrors
  • Deep clean the bathroom and kitchen
  • Sanitise all the surfaces
  • Clean the doors, wipe down all the dust and polish if wooden
  • Deep clean all cupboards/wardrobes and closets inside & outside and on top of them
  • Clean behind and under furniture
  • Wood floor cleaning
  • Clean radiators
  • Vacuum upholstery and curtains
  • Clean inside of the fridge and freezer
The list can go on and on. Indeed doing this all by yourself can be an exhausting task. Not to mention that cleaning is not a favourite thing to do for most of us. If cleaning is not your hobby, why not consider booking one of our cleaning services in London? Hire a cleaning service with us now, and enjoy a hustle-free moving out or moving in. It is easy to book and it is cheap.

What other services could a cleaning lady in London do for me?

Our cleaning lady in London offers a variety of services at incredibly low price. We tend to all wishes and desires for your spotless clean space. Some of our cleaning lady in London team can do a variety of house work for you. It could include bed changing, doing the washing up and laundry, ironing, taking out the  trash, windows cleaning and lots more. Just talk to our cleaning lady in London about the service you need and she will sort it out for you.

Why hire a cleaning company upon vacating the premises?

Everyone who is vacating the property being rented needs to do a move out cleaning service. It is important to leave a good impression on the landlord. Thus, you avoid extra costs for an additional clean requested by the owner of the flat. We all know that the landlord can deduct extra money from your personal deposit if something is not looking perfectly clean. That is why, our fantastic cleaning services in London will ensure you get on well with your landlord and receive a spotless end of tenancy cleaning service. The best flat cleaning services in London at your doorstep is a click away! Do not miss the chance to save money on your expenses. Moreover, it is super affordable with our low prices, good quality, highly reviewed local end of tenancy London cleaners and much more.

Move in Cleaning Services

Whether you are a landlord trying to clean your property before the tenant moves in or you are the new tenant just requesting an additional flat deep cleaning we are here to help. Any move in cleaning service is considered to be very costly by Londoners. We beat the stereotype around pre-tenancy cleaning services and offer the cheapest cleaners in London for the lowest prices ever. Our team of professional providers will help you choose the professional provider of cleaning services in London that will clean everything thoroughly before you move in. The result will be a shining, spotlessly cleaned apartment or house. Any pre-tenancy cleaning requests will be met with pleasure.

London cleaners: cost per hour

The average London cleaners cost per hour varies from £12 to £15 per hour in all companies. At Connecting Services London cleaners' cost per hour is much more affordable. We start from only £9,50 and this price per hour of cleaning is the lowest in Central London. Because as always, we are passionate about getting the work done without draining your pockets. At Connecting Services, we provide premium quality professional cleaning services in London completely customized to your environment and individual requirements. No matter the amount of cleaning required, we will be able to offer the very best and reliable services, so that you can live, work, and be in a healthy and clean environment. With the current climate as it is, the requirement for clean surroundings are essential to a healthy lifestyle. Our professional cleaners in the city of London will be protected with masks and gloves to ensure you and your families feel safe. Our professional London cleaners are always ready to offer their services no matter when you need their help. They will work around your schedule and will provide premium quality services, helping you improve your productivity and health, whilst also limiting the spread of any viruses that may be around you.

Help with the allergies

Moreover, our cleaning services in London help you with your allergies. Nowadays, due to the severe impact of the polluted environment, more and more people are struggling with allergies. Specifically, dust allergies or otherwise called dust mite allergy. Dust allergy is an allergic reaction to tiny bugs that live in the dust in your house. These can be really disturbing and in some more severe cases, life threatening. That is why you should consider hiring professional cleaning services in London. They help you with keeping your home dust-free, so you can be comfortable and allergy-free.

What makes our cleaning services in London stand out?

Certainly there are a number of cleaning services in London. And all of them are pretty much the same. However, our cleaning services in London do stand out from the crowd. With their passion and dedication, our hygiene experts always aim to provide the best service possible. Moreover, all of our cleaning ladies speak at least another foreign language, making communication easier for both sides. Alongside with their diverse experience in the various dimensions of the cleaning industry, our cleaning services in London do make a difference. For more information, please visit our website, follow our Instagram, and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you provide equipment for the cleaning services?

A: All the equipment is the responsibility of the customer ordering the cleaning service in London, UK. Our professional cleaners do not bring the equipment.

Q: What are the rates for the cleaning services?

A: The starting rates are £9,50 but can vary slightly, depending on the service and the cleaner requested.

Q: Are all services charged at the same rate per hour?

A: No, the services can vary depending on what service are requested. You can find a cleaning service in London at different prices. An end of cleaning service in London will have a higher rate per hour than a normal commercial or residential cleaning in London.

Q: How can I book a cleaning service?

A: Very easily and straightforward, just go to our website, choose a service, a provider and you are all done! Fast, easy and affordable cleaning services at your doorstep!

Q: How many cleaners do you send for end of tenancy London cleaning service?

A: You can book (separately) any amount of cleaners that you might need for your move out cleaning service. You choose the individual profile of every professional cleaner and book every one on the same day and at the same time. It is up to the customer to decide whether they need more than one cleaning technician.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for any transportation costs or parking fees?

A: No, you should not pay any additional amount for the transportation or additional costs such as parking of our cleaning technician. If our London cleaners do request such a thing, please contact us immediately.

Q: The cleaning service in a house/ apartment was longer than the initial booking was made for. How should I pay the cleaning technician?

A: The cleaner will issue an invoice for you to pay online.

Q: The cleaning service in a house/ apartment was shorter than the initial booking was made for. How will I get refunded?

A: Please, contact us immediately and we will refund you the amount once we confirm with the cleaner in London who was booked by you.

Q: What should I do before the arrival of the house cleaner in London?

A: You can make a list of things you would like to specifically deep clean. Additionally, in order to save time you can take out all the required equipment like vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, cloths, gloves etc. This will save you time and money and deliver the best cleaning services in London for you!

Q: Could I leave the cleaner alone at the property or I have to be present for the whole cleaning service?

A: You have to give access to the property to our professional cleaner in London. After that you might leave and come back once the cleaning service is finishing. The cleaning lady in London usually will ask before you leave the exact work you are expecting from her. Giving a list of tasks is ideal!

Q: How can I become part of Connecting Services team of mobile cleaners in London?

A: If you wish to join our cleaning services in London team, you can sign up to apply. Otherwise, you can message us on our LinkedIn page.

Q: Is your cleaning lady in London legally authorised to work in the UK?

A: Yes, our cleaning lady in London can only be booked if she is legally able to work in the UK. They are responsible for paying for insurance and their own taxes.