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Chef (Prices start from £10)

Our private chef in London will make it possible to enjoy a restaurant style treatment at the comfort of your home. Enjoy a 5* service and a meal at home, without any organizational constraints. Whether you are having guests over or you just feel like treating yourself to a nice meal without having to go out, our professional chef in London team is here to cook for you. chef in London

About our private chef in London service

Our professional cooks offer a variety of services at the lowest rates across London. Fully enjoy the company of your guests and relax. Whether the event takes place at your house, relatives or in a private lounge, our chef in London is ready to do all the cooking. Hire a chef in London to take care of everything, from purchasing the ingredients to making heavenly delicious meals for you. You can treat your guests to an amazing meal without bothering about cooking any food as our professionals will do all the hard work for you with our catering services in London.

Hire a chef in London

You can hire a chef in London for any occasion with us. Our qualified and experienced cooks can bring excellent dining straight to your table with our catering services. Whether you’re looking for personal catering services in London or outside we can assure you that we will go beyond your expectations with our service and meals. Be a guest at your party and eliminate any stress by opting for our private catering or dinner party services. Our private chef catering services in London cover a range of occasions:
  • intimate dinner party at home for a few close friends
  • buffet catering at residence for a family celebration
  • big corporate event
  • baby shower event
  • birthday party
  • wedlock for a large numbers of people
  • and many more...
The requirements and needs for all these types of events are very different. You can be sure that we tailor our service to what is required for your event with our experience.

Types of catering in London that we offer

Our private chef in London team offers some of the best cuisines, including Italian, Japanese, Russian, European cuisine and many more, offering full course meals. Our chefs offer a wonderful selection of mouth-watering desserts, flavorsome appetizers, delectably made pastries, and much more. All of this and even more starting from only £10. Just speak to our chef in London to find out more about their gourmet food. hire a chef London

Discover the taste of the world food

Hire a chef in London and try exquisite food at the comfort of your home. You can find a chef that will bring the world to your door just from £10.  Our extremely talented cooks are passionate about cooking and delivering a sense of luxury to you, that is why they offer international cuisine, from the East to the West.

Our International kitchen and why to try it

rent a chef LondonJapanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. The food offers irresistible dishes, while keeping it fit and healthy. This type of cuisine is mainly rice and soup based and there is an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Japanese dishes often contain fish and vegetables. Moreover, the world famous sushi originates from Japan too.

Russian cuisine

Russian cuisine is a huge and invaluable collection of the different cooking traditions of the Russians and an inspiration of all the nations that have been part of Russia. This cuisine is extremely diverse, delicious, and decadent. Most Russian dishes often consist of fish, pork, poultry, caviar, honey, mushrooms and berries and wheat-based foods. Apart from the irresistible looks and taste, Russian cuisine has a deep history behind it which our private chef in London can tell you about.

European cuisine

European cuisine offers probably some of the most famous and delicious foods. It is diverse, featuring various types of bread, cheese, salads, soups, and more. Something specific about European cuisine is that it may vary depending on the country or the region. That is why we encourage you to speak to our private chefs in London before booking. Thus, you will be able to discuss what type of European cuisine you fancy, which ingredients you prefer etc. private chef hire London Nonetheless, whichever cuisine you prefer our chefs in London are here to make the best meals you have ever tasted. Book now your private chef in London.

The best private and experienced chef near me

Connecting Services works with some of the best chefs in London to deliver a first-class service and food to your door, while saving you hours of cooking. You can securely book our private chefs in London right now just by clicking here. Share your thoughts on our Facebook and Instagram page. chef in london to hire/ catering london Our chefs have developed their own menus with attractively low prices, without abridging you from the taste of their inviting meals. However, our chefs are open to cooking out of their menus, just speak to them prior your booking.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much does a private chef in London cost?

A: It starts from only £10, however the rates may vary depending on the service you require. Always make sure you speak to our private cooks prior booking.

Q: What if my guests have dietary requirements?

A: Our chefs are experienced in working with all types of dietary requirements. They cater for all types of diets, including allergies, vegans, vegetarians, etc. Just make a note of the specific dietary requirements.

Q: In what areas do your chefs cater?

A: Our chefs mainly cater in London. However, there might be some exceptions, depending on what area out of London the service is required. chefs in London to hire

Q: Are your chefs familiar with the health and safety system?

A: Yes, our chefs are completely familiar with the health and safety system and they strictly follow it.

Q: Could I choose the type of cuisine for the event?

A: Every professional specialises in one cuisine or another. Some could cater to all your needs and make a whole European set menu for the event. Moreover, if you have a sweet tooth we can provide you with a whole sweet selection catered for a baby shower event or a birthday party for eg. However, if you are looking for something very specific and want to discuss before booking feel free to contact us. We always answer all of your questions and try to find the best solution.