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Beauty Therapist in London

A Beauty Therapist in London is a professionally trained face and body care expert. At Connecting Services many professionals specialise at massage, facials or waxing. However, most of them can deliver a wide range of treatments and perform various non-medical face and body treatments.

Mobile Beauty Therapist in London for everyone

Whether you are looking for a mobile beauty therapist in London or one that is working in a spa salon we have it all. Connecting Services partners directly with spa salons and freelance workers to provide a variety of options and prices. Beauty therapist in London

Treatments a Beauty Therapist in London may offer:

  • Eyebrows and Eyelashes treatments
  • Facial and Body Hair Removal treatments/ Waxing
  • Eyebrow Microblading
  • Lash Extensions
  • Massage therapy
  • Manicures and Pedicures

Microblading in London

Microblading London at home treatment Microblading in London is available for at home treatments. Semi permanent eyebrows or as otherwise known semi permanent cosmetics lasts for up to 2 years. It is a procedure made with a very thin microblades hand tattooing tool. These microblades give an effect of hair strokes and look very natural if done correctly and by a professional Specialist Aesthetician. Microblading in London is suitable for people who want to correct or reconstruct lost eyebrows. Additionally, it improves the appearance of thinning eyebrows and enhances them with a natural aesthetic appeal.

Microblading 3D Eyebrows

Microblading 3D Eyebrows LondonMicroblading 3D eyebrows includes an initial consultation by the beauty therapist which lasts around 10-15 minutes. It is crucial to explain to the customer the whole procedure and what are the steps to deliver the best result possible. We will create a new structural outline of the eyebrow with a temporary marker. After your approval the Microblading 3D Eyebrows will begin. Our beauty therapist in London will organise the microblade and your chosen pigment colour. To ensure every customer gets natural looking and well-shaped eyebrows special care and attention to details are provided. The professional will dip the microblade into the pigment and create very thin strokes one after the other. The fine delicate strokes help give your eyebrows a very natural look. For a long lasting effect extra pigment can be applied for some of the strokes to set them well.

Eyelash extensions in London at home treatment book nowEyelash Extensions in London

Eyelash extensions in London can be booked by any customer who wants longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions lasts for multiple weeks and is different from the one-off self-stick lashes for an event. A beauty therapist will adhere one-by-one separately eyelashes to your natural ones. This process is time consuming and requires patience and an attention to detail. Eyelash extensions London, book a beauty therapist in London nowEyelash extensions in London can be done both at your home or at a studio/beauty spa. A professional aesthetician will clean your eyelashes and prime them for the treatment. After that special eye pads will be attached to your bottom lashes for protection. The final step is the one-by-one application of the synthetic eyelashes to your natural ones. The special glue has no contact with the skin as it is applied on the natural eyelash directly. All materials are allergy free. However, if you experience an irritation tell your beauty therapist in London immediately.

LVL Lash Lift by our mobile beauty therapist in London

LVL Lash Lift London

Length, Volume and Lift is the anticipated result of LVL Lash Lift. Our beauty therapists perform it on your natural eyelashes by straightening them and curling at the roots. The non-invasive treatment gives an instant effect which lasts for 6-8 weeks. An additional treatment of tint application is advised to go with the LVL Lash Lift. This will ensure the lashes are not only long and curly but black as well. The perfect look will help you get rid of the mascara from your daily make-up routine and save you time and effort.

Waxing in London

Connecting Services offers all types of wax hair removal: Hollywood Waxing , Brazilian Waxing, Aloe Vera Hot Waxing & Strip Waxing. It depends on your preferences and skin type which waxing you will choose. Our mobile beauty therapist in London will help you decide on the best waxing method for you. Please, contact us for any enquiries and consultations.

Hot waxing London at home treatmentHollywood Waxing

Hollywood waxing is the removal of all pubic hair from the whole intimate area, including the anus, perineum and labia as well as from the mons pubis. This type of procedure leaves you completely hair free in your private areas.

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is the removal of hair from the labia, anus and perineum. Some customers prefer to leave some pubic hair on the mons pubis and usually it is a strip or a triangle.

Aloe Vera Hot WaxingBrazilian waxing London

Aloe vera hot waxing is a special treatment designed for sensitive areas and short coarse hair. It is usually a stripless waxing procedure and a special wooden spatula stick is being used for the application of the wax. Aloe vera hot waxing promotes healing and is suitable for sensitive skin. It can be used for both face and body hair removal treatments. A hot wax application is thicker than strip waxing and requires more time before removal. Our beauty therapist in London will usually apply a thick layer on one part and then apply on other parts consecutively. After 2-3 minutes pass she will check if its ready for removal from the first part and then the rest in the same order.

Strip waxing LondonStrip Waxing

Strip waxing includes the application of a thin layer of wax and its removal with a special strip, usually paper strip. This type of waxing is usually more popular for large parts of body with less sensitive skin i.e. legs, arms, back. Strip waxing uses a much more liquid and less thick material than the hot waxing procedure. This treatment is much less time consuming than the stripless waxing. After carefully examining your skin, the beauty therapist in London will advise whether strip waxing is more suitable for you rather than hot waxing.

Beauty therapy at a professional level

Beauty therapy treatments are classified at different levels. Most spas and salons require a beauty therapist level 3 qualifications as a minimum. So what is the difference and which types of qualifications are out there? We will try to explain all the different types of beauty therapy treatments and the levels as well.

Level 1 NQV Beauty Therapy

Level 1 NQV Beauty Therapy is considered the foundation of your Beauty Therapy career and pathway. In other words, it is the first step to become a professional beauty therapist in London. Level 1 Beauty Therapy usually entails a full-time programme of:
  1. Level 1 Hair and Beauty Certificate
  2. Level 1 Hair and Beauty Diploma
After an individual completes this programme he can work as an Apprenticeship, Salon Receptionist, Beauty Therapist or Nail Technician Trainee. The foundation step is very small for an individual to earn sufficient funds or have the required experience and qualifications to provide beauty services. Thus, all salons require higher levels of skills and education. However, upon completion of this coarse you are able to become a Junior Assistant Beauty Therapist and gain more experience at work. You will be able to assist with facial skincare, nail and make-up services and reception duties.

Level 2 NQV Beauty Therapy

Level 2 NQV Beauty Therapy will be the next step in your career to become a professional and earn more. A potential annual wage of £15-£18K can be on offer at jobs like Lash or Nail Technician, Apprenticeship, Mobile Therapist, Beauty Therapist and more. Level 2 Beauty Therapy full-time programme includes:
  1. Level 2 Beauty Make-up Diploma
  2. Level 2 Beauty Therapy Diploma

level 3 beauty therapy London Level 3 NQV Beauty Therapy

Level 3 NQV Beauty Therapy in London will enable you to provide a high level of beauty treatments. Additionally, it will develop your skills at body massage, health and safety procedures, anatomy and physiology of the whole body and face and much more. A Level 3 Beauty Therapist in London is able to work as a self-employed therapist, skin care specialist, masseuse, spa therapist, media make-up artist and more. Additionally, you can promote and sell beauty products, provide self-tanning services, apply permanent eyelashes,  provide body massage, prepare the skin for a facial and much more. Level 3 NQV Beauty Therapy enables a professional to apply the practical techniques on clients in the best possible way and ensure top quality service.


Q: How can I become part of Connecting Services team of freelance beauty therapists in London?

A: If you wish to join us as a freelance beauty therapist in London, you can sign up to apply. Otherwise, you can message us on our LinkedIn page.

Q: Does Microblading 3D Eyebrows hurt?

A:  It usually is painless. Our professional beauty therapist in London will apply a local anesthesia to reduce the pain.

Q: How is the permanent Eyebrow Tattoo different from the Microblading 3D Design?

A: The microbladed pigment does not spread or smudge over the years and preserves the same thin natural look for all the fine strokes. Thus, Microblading in London is a more popular treatment than the permanent Eyebrow tattoo.

Q: How long does the Eyelash Extensions treatment take?

A: Eyelash extensions in London usually takes a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours. The time frame depends on how fast you decide on the materials and the shape you want. First treatments usually might take longer than future appointments.

Q: Can I use a mascara on my Eyelash Extensions?

A: The Eyelash Extensions treatment gives you the best look possible without the need to apply a mascara every day. Additionally, you will avoid the hassle of taking of your make-up on a daily basis. A mascara can damage your extensions and we highly advise to avoid using any makeup on your eyes or eyelashes.

Q: Can I use a mascara on my LVL Lash Lift?

A: You can wear a mascara after the LVL Lash Lift and it will not damage the treatment. However, our beauty therapist in London always advises to wait at least 24 hours before using any products on the eyelashes.

Q: Can I do a correction to the LVL Lash Lift?

A: Yes, we can change the curl effect and make corrections on the LVL Lash Lift in less than 5 minutes. Let us know, if the curl is too close to the roots and our mobile beauty therapist in London can adjust the effect of the treatment on your lashes straight away.

Q: How long does a waxing treatment last?

A: Waxing can last from as little as 2 minutes to as much as 1 hour. It depends on the area being treated.

Q: Can I have skin irritation after a hot waxing treatment?

A: Our mobile beauty therapist in London will apply an aloe vera gel or a special cream after the treatment. This will ensure that no further irritation occurs. In case you suspect an allergy to wax or the materials being used notify the professional immediately.

Q: How can I check if the professional has a Level 3 Beauty Therapy in London qualification?

A: Most of our professionals have a Level 3 Beauty Therapy in London qualification or equivalent. You can check on their profile under the Certificates an attachment of the Diploma. If you are unsure or it is not attached there, please contact us and we will advise.