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Barista (Prices start from £15)

Hire a Barista in London

You can hire a Barista in London for a special event, business conference or even for a Coffee masterclass. If you are one of those coffee lovers be sure to get to know everything about the brewing and preparation process. There are so many skills involved in this art of preparing every special drink. The proportions matter a lot and the small details that only a professional will know about.

Hire a barista in LondonCoffee Barista for events

A coffee barista for events is more popular nowadays for big conferences and business presentations. When there are many lectures and presentations from early morning till afternoon only coffee can help you focus. Thus, many conference organisers hire a coffee barista for events like that. They usually set up the schedule to have breaks every one or two hours for a cup of coffee and networking. This encourages the guests to stay throughout the whole event and get all of the benefits of networking and learning. We offer a coffee barista for events such as: Coffee barista for events
  • birthday party
  • company xmas party
  • business or educational conference
  • company presentations
  • weddings
  • networking events for societies  and membership clubs
  • and many more...

Coffee masterclass in London

A coffee masterclass in London can be arranged as a fun day activity for you and your friends. To be a good bartender requires you to have a large set of skills. They can be learned at professional courses or on the job training. These skills include:coffee barista in london
  • manually preparing a wide variety of espresso drinks
  • cold-brewed coffee
  • latte art
  • coffee roasting
  • a lot more....
Overall, baristas are artists that can create a whole work of art in your cup. We can help you learn all the tricks and have a fun day activity as well. Our coffee masterclass in London will give you the necessary skills for a lifetime. You will be able to make that Pumpkin Spice Latte Extra Foam with Low Fat Milk and much more by the end of the class.

London Barista salaryLondon Barista salary

Baristas can be hired for both full-time jobs and part-time per hour rates. At Connecting Services both can be arranged. So if you are looking for London barista salary estimates contact us directly and we will find a good candidate for you. Most of our professionals charge a rate per hour at events. The London barista salary per hour varies from £10 to £15. The rates per day start from £45 depending on amounts of hours that you require and the individual's expectations. All our professionals decide the price they want to charge and it is completely independent from us. However, we strive to deliver the lowest prices on the market and would love to have you as our customers.

Find a barista in London at any time

find a barista in london

Do you have an event on the calendar or you just expect important guests? Then, you might be interested in serving them with the best coffee. If coffee for you is not just a drink, but a passion, find a professional barista in London for any occasion. With their extensive and excellent experience and training, coffee turns into a magical drink in their hands. Treat your sensations now by booking our baristas. Click the link and enjoy a cup (or more) of our professional barista's coffee.

Our Baristas, your coffee gurus

Baristas traditionally prepare and serve drinks that are espresso-based. They normally work in coffee shops and other hospitality venues. Now with the upward trend for private events, baristas are getting more and more popular in these types of environments as well. Having a barista at your private party is a great way to experience the art of coffee after a full course meal, perhaps.

barista in london for events

The traditional has evolved

Traditionally, baristas refers to a person who makes espresso-based hot drinks. That is what baristas initially were meant to do. However, with the development of the coffee and beverage industry, coffee has turned into a whole new type of art. Nowadays, you can find all sorts of drinks, cold and hot, with different types of coffee beans and sorts. The coffee art has evolved to become a complicated activity that requires some hard and soft skills as well as passion for coffee in all dimensions. Thus, our passionate baristas in London are here to serve you the best coffee of your life, in all kinds, from the classic espresso to the most trendy and modern non-decaf drink.

The barista you need, whenever the need

Hire a barista in London for your upcoming event or for your business. Our barista in London have extensive experience in working in various environments, preparing abnormal drinks for their guests. Our baristas are here to prepare the perfect cup of coffee for you or your guests. Whether it is hot or cold drinks, our barista in London got it under control. From a strong, mind-blowing espresso, to the most trendy drinks, such as pumpkin spice latte, our professionals can make it all. coffee barista in londonKeep up to date with our baristas, learn more about Connecting Services, and see what our previous and current clients say about us, by following our Instagram and Facebook. Fancy joining us? Send us a message or request on LinkedIn. Independently of what you need our baristas for, they are here to serve you their passion for coffee art. Because coffee is life!


Q: Should I buy the materials and ingredients for the coffee if I make a booking?

A: Usually the price doesn't include materials, unless it is mentioned in the description. Please, read the details and bio of every individual before booking.

Q: How many classes should I take before I master the skills of a professional?

A: We would suggest that you take one class in the beginning so that the teacher can understand your level. Additionally, it would help you as well to see the speed of your progress after the first class. Consequently, after that you may judge whether you require more hours of training.

Q: How can I join your team of Connecting Services freelance baristas in London?

A: If you wish to join us, you can sign up to apply. Otherwise, you can message us on our LinkedIn page.

Q: Should I prepare for the training and buy something?

A: Most of the masterclasses include all the materials and ingredients already in the price. We would advise you to read the whole description of the class before booking.

Q: How much does a barista in London cost?

A: A private barista in London can cost up to £20 per hour, depending on the location and the services they provide. Especially in higher-end neighbourhoods of London, it might get even pricier. However, as always, from Connecting Services we are passionate about providing you with the best services in the comfort of your home, plus without stripping your pockets off. That is why our barista in London start from only £15 per hour! Please note that the rates might vary depending on the services required.

coffee barista for events

Q: What types of services do your professionals offer?

A: Our dedicated and professional baristas offer a variety of services. They are coffee masters that can craft any drink to the ultimate perfection. Because coffee is their form of art and expressing their passion, as they say themselves. Simply request a drink and it will be on the way to bring heaven to you! A truly luxurious experience, just imagine having a private barista in London at your next party! The guests will be definitely pleasantly surprised and excited to try their in-house custom made coffees just for them.

Q: Are your baristas experienced or properly trained?

A: Absolutely! All of our wonderful barista in London are experts in coffee crafting and can make all drinks exceptionally well. You are in safe hands with our experts barista in London. Simply enjoy a sip of their art.

Q: Do you provide professionals just in London?

A: For the time being we are only catering to London areas. However, should you wish to hire a barista outside of London, you will have to speak to your chosen service provider prior booking. They will be able to accommodate your requests better.

Q: How can I book a barista in London with you?

A: Booking with us is simple as ever. Just click the link, choose your barista, and enjoy your custom made coffee!