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London base home massage therapist

We strive to provide the best personalized treatment to each of you, sports massage, recovery, Swedish with aromatherapy, deep tissue massage or chair massage for corporations, events and offices, creating a spa environment in each treatment.
We have spent more than five years touring the houses and offices of London giving the best of us, quality, discretion, adaptation to your needs, professionalism and trust to our clients, always with our best smile.
We hope you are one of them!


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£ 75.00 1.2 Hrs
A Swedish massage can have a variety of therapeutic benefits, including stress reduction, increased detoxification, and improved blood flow. You can also reap the benefits in terms of increased flexibility and it can help you recover from muscle tension. If you are under stress, need help to relax and sleep better, or want to relieve tension, a Swedish massage may be just what you need.
Deep tissue
£ 85.00 1.2 Hrs
Deep tissue massage is great for easing persistent muscle discomfort. Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and fascia (the tissue covering muscles), releasing painful knots and reducing overall aches and pains.
£ 85.00 1.2 Hrs
While sports massage is essential for performance sports, it isn’t just for athletes. Anyone with an active lifestyle can benefit. A combination of deep tissue and assisted stretching, sports massage helps to prepare for an activity, decrease post-event muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and increase range-of-motion.

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£75.00 hr - 1.2 hrs
Deep tissue
£85.00 hr - 1.2 hrs
£85.00 hr - 1.2 hrs
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