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Bachelor of sports science, massage therapist, with various specialties in physical recovery therapy. always committed to the well-being and Health of society.
It was London who motivated me to continue with my project, being able to reinforce my knowledge in physical therapy and well-being, specializing in pathologies generated by bad posture in workspaces.
I feel that I have the responsibility to share my knowledge, however simple it may seem, it has a surprising power in well-being.
I meet clients daily with infinite pain from being in a chair for a long time, standing or typing for a long time, or a simple repetitive movement that causes pain in your shoulder, back, neck, that does not let you sleep.

My functional therapy is in charge of finding the origin of the problem, knowing why there is a pain in a certain area, and then eliminating that tension and correcting that muscular imbalance with exercises and localised stretches.

  • Specialist in postural problems
  •  Musculoskeletal
  • Physical recovery


  • English
  • Spanish

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