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About our values: The idea of connecting people inspired Connecting Services London, UK. We aim to fulfill the needs of all consumers.

As Pericles once said–

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

Connecting Services London launched in 2020 during the ongoing pandemic to keep the economy going. Our mission is to help all those people who lost their jobs. We connect service providers with clients. Electricians and personal trainers, plumbers or private tutors, nannies and massage therapists, graphic designers and even make-up artists, nail technicians/artists, dog walkers, cleaners and many more…

We try to find a customer for every person out there judging by their abilities and skill set. Moreover, the aim is to have every kind of skill and education level on the website. From low-skilled labour to highly qualified individuals.

We want to make consumers’ lives simple! For instance, you can get a professional therapist or a cleaner in a click. In addition, you may book any beauty services you require. Or maybe you need home services and builders from the construction industry? We have that as well! Moreover, you can enjoy so many services at the comfort of your home! Maybe you want to get in shape in between your work calls? Then, an online PT session or a group class is ideal for you! Ever thought of improving your language skills in Spanish or Italian? Now you can do it online when you book one of our tutors!Connecting Services UK Trustpilot approvedWe are Trustpilot approved.

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Conne Limited

Registered office: 53 Cumberland Court, Great Cumberland Place, W1H7DQ.


Company registration number: 12669271.

CONNE LIMITED is a company registered in England and Wales.

Connecting services London, UK

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